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EMCO Remote Shutdown

Do you want to have an automatic power management for all computers in your organization? EMCO Remote Shutdown enables executing reboot, power off and wake up and other management operations on network PCs. You can control the state of particular PC or group of PCs directly from your work place and execute required operation by just one mouse click. Advanced scheduler allows you to organize automatic management and execute required operations in defined time periods. EMCO Remote Shutdown is intuitive and really easy to use. In order to change the state of one or group of PCs you have to follow just 3 steps. First step - define the operation you need to execute. You can choose reboot, power off or other operation from the list. Second step - choose PCs where operation will be executed. Third step - press a button for immediate operation execution or put it to schedule for automatic execution in defined date and time. KEY FEATURES - Remote management of one or many PCs in the network; - Execution of Shutdown, Reboot, Power Off, Log Off, Wake on Lan, Lock/Unlock keyboard and mouse operations on remote PCs; - Operations scheduling for automatic execution according with defined conditions; - Force closing of all applications at the remote PCs before execution of operation; - Sending notifications to remote PCs before execution of operations; - Ability to operate both in domain or workgroup. No special requirements for environment; Are you ready for changes? Make a power management easier, reduce power bills and prolong the hardware life. Download a FREE trial! This is a shareware listed under network, internet remote computing category.

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A handy, intuitive but...

EMCO Remote Screenshot

A handy, intuitive but yet another simple tool from EMCO Software that allows you to take screenshots of the remote machines on you network and save them to a file on your local computer. Its utility can be more conspicuous in a case when you need to put check on remote user on any node of you network or may be you would like to check what a certain user is doing right now. All you have to do is just type in the host name and click the capture button; and EMCO Remote Screenshot 1.0 will instantly capture the screenshot from the remote machine. You can configure EMCO Remote Screenshot 1.0 to automatically capture the screenshots form the remote machines on your network after a specified interval. All captured screenshots will be saved to a file on your hard disk. EMCO Remote Screenshot 1.0 enables you to save the captured screen to a variety of file formats. EMCO Remote Screenshot license is shareware and it is listed in network, internet remote computing software.

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EMCO Network Scanner

New and handy tool brought to you by EMCO Software; that enables network administrator to perform and schedule different scan operation on your network. EMCO Network Scanner is a shareware categorized under network, internet trace, ping tools tools.

Keywords: remote computers scan network digital haystack

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EMCO Network Traffic Meter

New program developed at EMCO Software´s lab; with the objective to offer an exceptional network traffic monitoring service. So that, Network Administrators can easily analyzes the data transfer between different nodes of a network. EMCO Network Traffic Meter is a shareware categorized under network, internet network monitoring tools.

Keywords: data transfer traffic monitoring analyzing network autodesk autocad

EMCO Remote Desktop Pr...

EMCO Remote Desktop Professional

EMCO Remote Desktop Professional is a remote desktop management solution for professionals, education and business in a wired and wireless Microsoft network Reduces administration costs and enhances productivity all from a central location Software and Hardware information gathered from remote computerís Remote Desktop Professional can scan your remote clientís for many useful information such as Service Pack, Installed Applications etc..... Built-in Performance Monitor (Remote Task Manager) like you know in NT systems. Where you can see all running processes on remote client .Multiple Service Installation The professional version has built-in special dialog where you can manage and deploy the Remote Desktop Pro service across your remote clientís or uninstall in one shot. This internet software is listed under connectivity remote control,network utilities,office applications misc.,system utilities misc. utilities,remote desktop.

Keywords: network tools admin remote desktop control computers administrator remote desktop management solution professionals keyboard focus

Can Reboot/Shutdown/Lo...

EMCO noPing ShutDown

Can Reboot/Shutdown/Logoff/Poweroff your machine if connection to the internet has been lost for xx minutes. It's a program that sits in the TrayBar. This utilities software is listed under system utilities automation tools.

Keywords: reboot shutdown java scripts

Remote Deployment Kit ...

EMCO Remote Deployment Kit

Remote Deployment Kit can install/uninstall any software remotely, silently and clientless. By taking a snapshot of your Operating System before and after running a setup or an install of any application and make a deployment package out of the difference. It can either be an application or some system changes. The package can be deployed silently to remote computers without the need to install any service on the remote computer for the deployment, except the services that are part of the installed application, because the Remote Deployment Kit supports service install without the need of reboot after install. It also supports drivers install and then with a reboot. EMCO Remote Deployment Kit license is shareware and it is listed in network, internet remote computing software.

Keywords: install uninstall remote admin network tools network management registry high end computers


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