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Chronos for AutoCAD

This software - Time Logging Utility for AutoCAD, Job Logger, License Manager Chronos will log all users that access AutoCAD drawing files and provides comprehensive reporting tools for documenting AutoCAD usage. This shareware is archived under graphic apps cad category.

evaluation period automatic logging date time

WebSundew Pro

WebSundew is a sure way to extract data from an HTML-based source and use it in a processed form. No programming skills required - the program changes our outlook onto web content managing. First, the step-by-step template wizard collects all information required for extracting and then performs the process itself. In addition to this, the program features automatic iteration for linked pages and macros for auto log into sites and data retrieving. Internet shareware WebSundew Pro is listed in network, internet search and lookup tools tools.

web html spreadsheet format web source

Backupper Standard

Backupper is a powerful yet inexpensive solution for reliable automatic backup. Includes flexible schedule, advanced file selection rules and backup options. Professional edition can work as a Windows service and supports remote access and control.

old versions backup copies local area network


This software displays a hierarchical list of Node objects, each of which consists of a label and a bitmap. TreeeView is typically used to display the headings in a document, the entries in an index, the files and directories on a disk, or any other kind of information that might usefully be displayed as a hierarchy. This activex control was written in VB6 and is meant as an alternative to the TreeView control which comes with Visual Basic. This shareware is archived under activex, visual basic, programming category.

hierarchy treeview control hierarchical

Visual NetTools

This software is a set of network scanning, security, and administrator tools for Apple Mac useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. Current version of Visual NetTools includes: Visual Ping Sends out an echo request to a specific computer on the network. It can be used to check communication links or to check whether the specific host exists or is running. Visual NetTools is licensed as freeware and placed in security, privacy password managers section.

network monitoring network host echo request

Angels and Fairies Screensaver

Nine beautiful images of angels and fairies in a slideshow set to soft music. Each unlocked image can be set as desktop wallpaper, and you can change them as often as you like from your screensaver settings with just one click. This is really special. Screen Savers shareware Angels and Fairies Screensaver is listed in fantasy, miscellaneous tools.

desktop wallpaper images of angels screensaver settings

JPEG 2000 Compressor

Using JPEG 2000 Compressor you can easily convert pictures of JPEG and BMP format to JPEG 2000 format with the quality and color characteristics specified by you. Besides you can change the picture order. The results can be saved on your computer. Try this innovative freeware to ease your work with different formats. Graphics freeware JPEG 2000 Compressor is listed in graphic apps converters, optimizers tools.

jpeg 2000 computer color characteristics

Solid File System (DLL/Lib edition)

Solid File System is an implementation of a file system that uses one file on the media (such as hard drive, CD-ROM, database or file resource) for storing the data. It can be used to preserve integrity of application data, stored in separate files, to store metadata or to keep revisions of the same information. Solid File System supports journalling, multiple streams per file, unlimited storage file size, per-file encryption. Solid File System (DLL/Lib edition) is a shareware software filed under programming system, programming files, programming storage utilities.

drive cd rom necessary functionality file deletion

Adanaxis Rendering Demo

This is a demo of a forthcoming game in four spatial dimensions. It uses an all-new 4D texturing method to display the beautiful and fluid rotations and motion that exist in four dimensions. All ten degrees of freedom are available for mouse and joystick control, to create an environment different to any other game. A simple scanner system and tutorial make the game easy to pick up. This demo contains three levels and original music. This games demo Adanaxis Rendering Demo is categorized under games, entertainment action.

display resolution demo fourth dimension


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