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SerialSniffer is a tool to get more information about data, which is transmitted via a serial link. You can either connect SerialSniffer to a single device, which transmits serial data and SerialSniffer will print out the data, which is received, in the ASCII an HEX-Display or stores it in a binary file for later playback. In this mode, SerialSniffer works as a terminal software. Two copies of SerialSniffer can be connected by network. The even more powerfull opportunity to use SerialSniffer is to use a PC with two serial ports and put the PC with SerialSniffer between the two devices. SerialSniffer allows Search and Replace giving the user the opportunity to change the information while in transportation, even the use of wildcards is possible ! Extensive Logging functions : ASCII only, HEX only, ASCII and HEX, replacement of characters 0..31 with their corresponidng symbols. Trigger Funktion Terminal window : replaces standard terminal program with own terminal window, Possibility to upload and download files Serial recorder : SerialSniffer can record the received data together with a timestamp for each byte for later playback with the same duration and intervalls between each byte. This is a shareware listed under serial, sniffer, network category.

Keywords: received data search and replace serial ports serial link wildcards logging functions binary file timestamp powerfull serial data hex byte playback single device terminal program ascii use music industrial strength

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