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SQ4 is a powerful step sequencer with unmatched features. It goes far beyond the possibilities a hardware sequencers. SQ4 can control your gear through midi, or use the open standard VST-technology widely spread. SQ4 exports to midi and wave-loops. It is an ideal tool to get you inspired and back into the groove. Some features found in SQ4 : Variable end loop points / Total control over Pitch, Timing, Velocity and duration independently from each other / Total control over all kind of Midi CC#s / Automation of VSTI-parameters / Transposers / Presets / Draw Bars for easy input / Drag and drop functionality / Sample accurate rendering / Unlimited possibilities with the MidiController- and LoopPanels / Easy to use Inspire panel to generate all kind of patterns, melodical lines and MultiRythms /Ultra high clock resolutions up to 720 BPM / Light on CPU due to optimized assembler routines / Ideal accompaniment tool for ACID(r), Ableton Live(r), FLStudio(r) and other virtual studios and sequencers. SQ4 is available as demo! Just give it a try and be amazed how your old gear comes back to live... This audio software is listed under midi, sequencer, loop, audio.

Keywords: ableton live hardware sequencers vst technology vsti loop points assembler routines wave loops drop functionality presets back into the groove midi flstudio draw bars unlimited possibilities step sequencer photo enhancement software two pieces

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