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View world clocks, time zones, and a day and night map, and keep track of public holidays. This program is ideal for businesspeople, travelers, and anyone who wants to stay in touch with colleagues, family, or friends around the world. It displays the current local times of all selected cities with automatic time-zone and daylight-saving adjustments, pre-set alarm notifications, forthcoming holidays, and other location-specific information such as sun and moon rise and set times. It also optionally displays individual desktop clocks for any location, as well as an attractive, dynamic, world day and night map, showing the constantly shifting day and night regions, with clock banners showing the correct current time for each selected city. You get easy access to time zones in more than 100,000 locations and public holiday dates for more than 70 countries. You can also compare time zones of any two locations on any day by viewing their daily calendars side by side. ZoneTrekker license is shareware and it is listed in business,office applications misc.,system utilities misc. utilities,time trackers software.

Keywords: time zone world clocks easy access moon rise and set moon rise and set times daylight saving time zones sun and moon friends around the world selected city desktop clocks daily calendars dynamic world automatic time night regions public holiday dates local times public holidays current time fill the blanks demo game

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