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Life Ahead Program

The advanced Life Ahead Computer Program and Lifeahead Web Site tell about Cardiofitness as measured as the CFR and how to manage fitness from exercise. It shows from easy diet entries how any diet will determine both your weight and future health over the short and long term. Much exercise done today has minimal value in improving health. Your Cardiofitness in CFR is todays only really useful measure of what your exercise means to your future life. CFR has a larger effect on risk of heart disease, cancer and life than factors as smoking, cholesterol and blood pressure. Articles on the Life Ahead Web Site show how you can measure your own CFR from simple tests on a treadmill. The Life Ahead computer program also can help you estimate your present CFR and compute how you can change it as a result of any kind or amount of different exercises. Papers included on the web site provide the most extensive yet scientific analyses of exercise and Cardiofitness and of Cardiofitness and health. Life Ahead also shows your likely gain or loss in weight from any diet entered over time, for low, high, or any carbo. It also shows likely changes in weight and health of any subtracted or added food in a diet. The program computes calories and values of 23 different vitamin and other diet nutrients. Most people are quite surprised to learn how much just a few individual foods they eat contribute to their weight. And how deficient their diets are in key vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Life Ahead shows for a first time the healthful amount of diet supplements needed with any regular diet. On option Life Ahead can value the effect on health and life of up to 50 or more health factors. It values future health as the future typical Well-Days of healthy life gained or lost for changes in exercise, diet or other habits. Many learn how they can gain a 15 more years of healthy life by acceptable changes in present habits. Life Ahead Program license is freeware and it is listed in heath,cardiofitness,fitness,diet,life extension software.

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