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Analyze changes made...


Analyze changes made to local or remote PCs during software and hardware installation and configuration. Tracker creates 'snapshots' before and after PC configuration changes. The snapshots are automatically compared to produce an analysis which is then displayed in the Tracker Explorer. Generate reports. Export registry entries to standard Windows Reg files. Analyze setup programs. Resolve system problems and DLL conflicts. Registered users benefit with FREE upgrades and technical support. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Tracker is a shareware categorized under system analysis, utilities tools.

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Async is a multi-thr...


Async is a multi-threaded activex control that gives visual basic developers the ability to easiily create multi-threaded applications and DLLs, without the complexities normally involved. Async provides ALL the features needed to create a professional multi-threaded application. Error events, process completion events and communication events are provided for each thread. Priority can be set for each thread. Includes a detailed help file (including some basic information on multi-threading), comprehensive example programs and a royalty-free re-distributable setup program. Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems. Free support and upgrades to registered users. 30 day money back guarantee. activex controls, components, development, programming, visual basic shareware listed in activex controls, components, development, programming, visual basic section.

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E-Mail Expert is an ...

E-Mail Expert

E-Mail Expert is an ActiveX COM DLL for sending SMTP and MIME email messages. E-Mail Expert works with VB, ASP, .NET and all languages that can trap ActiveX DLL events. E-Mail Expert was designed to be easy to use, yet not restrict developers that have an advanced understanding of email, SMTP, MIME or Winsock. E-Mail Expert has all the features you need to easily create a professional e-mail sending application or component. PLUS, E-Mail Expert is smart, flexible and expandable. Smart because unless you explicitly overwrite a setting, E-Mail Expert will select the most correct settings for you. Flexible because E-Mail Expert exposes a low-level Winsock interface if you need it. Expandable because you can use E-Mail Experts' built-in Values collection to add private and custom email properties, thus adding new cabilities. Includes a detailed help file, comprehensive example programs (including a complete email send application w/ source) and a royalty-free re-distributable setup program. This is a shareware listed under activex controls, development, visual basic category.

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Evans FTP is a total...

Evans FTP

Evans FTP is a total FTP programming solution designed for use with all ActiveX and COM supporting languages. Evans FTP includes asynchronous and synchronous OCXs and DLLs (4 components) to maximize your ability to easily write the best possible FTP components and applications. Supports; simultaneous file transfers, in-progress transfer cancellation, transfer progress window option, remote program execution, proxies, passive mode (firewall friendly), easy handling of file and folder listings, royalty-free distribution of your applications and much much more. Includes a detailed help file and example programs in multiple programming languages (plus complete source code for an 'FTP Explorer' client application). Unlimited free support and upgrades to registered users. 30 day money back guarantee. This is a shareware listed under activex, active-x, programming, components, ftp components, dll, libraries category.

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Schedule is a user f...


Schedule is a user friendly and dependable 32-bit automation task scheduler used by major corporations worldwide. Schedule provides the tools you need to automate all your repetitive and / or complex tasks. Schedule is multi-threaded so it is never too busy to launch your tasks on time. Schedule is built for heavy-duty use so you won't overload it. Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on a flexible range of dates, times, window events, file events and options. Copy or FTP files. Launch and control programs. Logoff or reboot your PC. Automatically respond to password dialogs and to other windows. Schedule also has it's own built-in 'EMac' macro language with IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The IDE combines a macro editor, intuitive wizards and macro testing tools to make macro creation easy (for developers and for non-programmers). With EMac you can create macros to automate very complex tasks. Schedule is feature-rich even without EMac. But, if you need extra help getting a tough job done, EMac is there if you need it. Registered Schedule customers benefit with a great product, free upgrades and technical support. 30 day money back guarantee. Schedule license is shareware and it is listed in automation, macro and automation, macro, utilities, desktop utilities, automation utilities, pims, schedulers, launchers, task schedulers software.

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Perfect Format is an...

Perfect Format

Perfect Format is an HTC (HTML Component) that formats and validates web page input, keystroke by keystroke, as data is entered. Perfect Format decreases web page development time and increases web page usability. Phone numbers fields, numeric fields, date fields and many more input types can be masked so that input is controlled as data is entered. Perfect Format is changing the way developers think about web page design and it is changing the expectations of the web user. Perfect Format is easy to implement for web page designers and developers, requires little or no programming and does not have to be installed on individual client browsers. Perfect Format license is shareware and it is listed in web design utilities, internet development, web authoring, web development, web, internet software.

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Registry Pro is an a...

Registry Pro

Registry Pro is an activeX registry control that gives developers easy and complete access to the power of registry programming. Works with VB, VBA and other ActiveX and COM DLL supporting languages. Includes a detailed help file, comprehensive example programs and a royalty-free re-distributable setup program. Supports create, delete, read, write and rename of registry branches, keys and values. Includes methods to enumerate all registry hives, branches, keys and values. Supports all registry data types. All methods and properties support remote registry calls (reads and writes of a remote computers? registry). Help file provides additional information on the registry and on registry programming. Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems. Free support and upgrades to registered users. 30 day money back guarantee. activex, activex controls, components, programming shareware listed in activex, activex controls, components, programming section.

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