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Channels and Feeds

This program is browser add-in for IE (browser plug-in for Internet Explorer 5.x,6.x,7.x versions). With it you can read rss/rdf feeds, create and publish your own rss 2.0 feeds, view on-line webcams live feeds, make screen shot of your screen at user definite time interval and publish it in internet. You may create galleries of rss, webcams, share files and published in internet from your computer with only one single mouse click. You can create your own small web shop and trade any files you want like mp3, movie, pictures, etc. You can sell for money or for free. Exactscores.com is arbiter between seller and buyer and use one of the best European payment processors- MoneyBookers.com. All payments are guaranteed by MoneyBookers.com' unique secure payment system, there is no charge back risk to worry about. MoneyBookers.com' proven verification procedures allow fast identification and prosecution of fraudsters. You can publish all of your channels in html, rss and wml (wap) format for normal and mobile internet browsers. This unique add-on for IE allows you to send photos, videos and mp3 to your cell phone, where they can be used as wallpapers, backgrounds, logos or screensavers. It integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to send any web image, mp3 and video files, and you can also select photos, video and mp3 from your local hard drive and upload them. You can edit the picture by changing size, file format and jpg cpmpression, or automatic optimization based on your phone model. The picture can then be downloaded from your WAP phone browser, or a link can be sent to your phone via free SMS message (email2sms, emailTosms) button. It supports most popular phone models from manufacturers including Sanyo, Ericson, Nokia, Motorola and many others. The program works extremely well (see our screenshots). The only requirement is that your wireless service plan should include WAP. All these functions in your current IE 5.x or 6.x or 7.x versions. This is a freeware listed under read rss, write rss, view webcam, share files, create web shop,rss,wap category.

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Prevent Fake Emails

======== Features ======== - automatic delete anonymous (spam) messages in your mailboxes - unlimited number of your mailboxes - 95% of all anonymous (spam, viruses, etc.) emails will be deleted automatically - trusted senders email lists of your senders - encrypting info of your email accounts with AES cryptographic algorithm with 1024 bit key - archives of every deleted (anonymous,spam) email in program installed directory - control refresh time interval (in minutes) - from which country you receive each email (normal and anonymous) - file log for every session =========== Explanation =========== Just run program before check your mailboxes. After that you will find in your mailboxes only normal (not anonymous) letters. If you want to see anonymous letters just go to program's directory and you will see some directories with names of your mailboxes. In each directory you will find anonymous letters for belong mailbox. You can add to trusted sender lists any email address (normal or anonymous). It is necessary when program deleted some message, but you don't want that. That's why in first days you must watch deleted emails and put senders of your choice to trusted senders lists. All process can be automatically- just run program once, write you refresh time interval (in minutes) and hide it in system tray. Program will check on every time interval your mailboxes and delete anonymous emails. After each session program will make detailed report. You can see this report in her interface and in her log file. This internet software is listed under anti spam, anti viruses.

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Browse Safetly

Dynamicly turn ON/OFF enable disable active scripting and others Internet Explorer security settings without close any opened internet explorer windows. Don't replace your internet explorer browser with other internet browser- just used it with this program. If you want to be inaccessible during your internet browsing for any hacker programs, scripts, and viruses, disable 'Active Scripting' and enable 'Security Browsing' with two single clicks. If you can't see correct some web page, just enable 'Active Scripting' and disable 'Security Browsing' with two single clicks. Remember- for maximum security for your computer system you must browsing with enabled 'Security Browsing' and if possible with disabled 'Active Scripting' Your first personal internet law must be- Security before Functionality. -if you want to sleep like a baby. Browse Safetly is a freeware categorized under browser security plug in tools.

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If you want to check free relay smtp (mail) servers- this program is right for you. If you want to send sms to almost all world mobile phone providers via emai2sms(EmailToSms) service- this program is right for you. If you want to have confidential letters (both message and attachment files) with your customers or friends. If you want to send easy many letters to yours recipients- this program is right for you. If you want to induce spammers who put your email in their lists (database) to exclude your email from there now you can make this possible. ======== Features ======== 1. Send email(s) with one mouse-click without to configure anything. More easy can't be. And its free. 2. Send sms(s) via email2sms (EmailToSms) to almost all world mobile phones for free. 3. Encrypt and Decrypt your messages and attachment files for more security. 4. Check one or as many recipients' emails as you want at once from text file. 5. Send one or as many emails as you want to recipients at once from text file. 6. Find free smtp relay servers from ip intervals and(or) from text file. 7. Check free smtp relay servers from ip intervals and(or) from text file. 8. Revolution brand new world easy antispam technics to release your email from spammers' lists. =========== Explanation =========== Encryption and decryption are realized with Rijndael cryptographic algorithm with 256 bit key. it is enough for now to stay your letter unreadable for other eyes in internet. You may choose between password and key-file in cryptographic process. You must use the same password or key-file in encryption and decryption process. Antispan technics work in the following consecutive way: - Use your mail client and find in your received spammer email Url(http://...) of the advertising firm. Write it in textBox called 'Spammer Web Site' in SEmail.exe - Write your banned(your email in spammer lists) email address in textBox called 'Your Banned Email:' in SEmail.exe. communications e-mail clients freeware listed in communications e-mail clients section.

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