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Exsate DV Capture Live

Exsate DV Capture Live is a program for capturing DV video from IEEE-1394 Firewire and recompressing to other formats in realtime. Key features: Display DV date/time stamp - detects recorded DV date and time stamp and automatically imprints it on a video frame: - Once a day; - Once an hour; - Every scene; Automatically operates your camcorder - frees you from some annoying operations to control your camcorder each time before capture: rewind a tape, search for the beginning of a recoding, etc. Automatically captures: - from the beginning to the current position of a tape; - from the current tape position to the end of a recording; - a whole tape from the beginning to the end; - any given timecode interval; Realtime recompression to AVI or ASF formats - recompresses captured video to an AVI file with any DirectShow or VfW compressor installed on your PC including DivX (AVI) or to the Window Media ASF file (WMV) on the fly. Scenes detection, capture to multiple files - detects scenes and writes them to a single file or to the multiple files. Performs some tasks to make the capture process more comfortable: - wizard like user interface; - display a capture progress; - automatically rewind a tape after the capture; - automatically shutdown a PC after the capture;. audio, multimedia rippers, converters freeware listed in audio, multimedia rippers, converters section.

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Exsate VideoExpress ...

Exsate VideoExpress

Exsate VideoExpress is an advanced, powerful, easy to use application for capture DV video. VideoExpress is an ideally suit for capturing DV video, making your own video archives on CD or DVD. VideoExpress is made for everybody from beginners to professionals. Exsate VideoExpress has a set of useful and unique features available only in VideoExpress. This makes VideoExpress an example for other capture solutions. There are some features available in VideoExpress: 1. Automate capture process 2. Scenes detection 3. Capture to multiple files without dropped frames 4. Easy to use intellectual user interface Exsate VideoExpress is TOP-stars rated by various soft archives and ratings. This graphics software is listed under multimedia, video, capture.

Keywords: dropped frames user interface intellectual exsate videoexpress top stars capture dv multiple files video archives interchange file format database cd

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