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Absolute StartUp manag...

Absolute StartUp

Absolute StartUp manager helps you to control the windows startup. You can manage it with ease by using a comfortable and simple interface with a number of advanced features! Absolute StartUp provides you with new settings that allow you to trace Internet sessions, days of the week, time, delays, watch for the keyboard strokes and start or cancel program by pressing only one key. Use them and you won't have to click again and again to start new programs as they will start automatically at Windows startup! Export into *.reg file as backup to restore startup configuration easy, clipboad support, access to startupconfigurations of other computer users - all these features provide you with an easy way to manage your programs, simplify your PC life and optimize your work! Absolute StartUp oriented on both system administrators and home users. startup manager, launchers shareware listed in startup manager, launchers section.

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This is a small utilit...


This is a small utility for playing a joke on your friends. After startup, all windows, or those chosen, begin to shake as though an earthquake has started. The program can be hidden to prevent stoppage of the shaking. EQuake license is freeware and it is listed in game, desktop software.

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IECount aimed to simpl...


IECount aimed to simplify your internet surfing - with IECount you will control internet explorer windows and settings easy and quickly! Limit maximum number of IE windows - you can set maximum number of ie windows at desktop and don't worry about popups and other nag screens - just enjoy surfing! Kill popup windows - to close popups windows set maximum sizes for ie window - all smaller will be kill - no popups! You have link in clipboard to browse? Don't start new browser, paste clipboard link and navigate - just double-click on IECount's tray icon and new browser with clipboard URL or email will be started! IECount manages your proxy settings: set current proxy server and proxy state, set list of possible proxies (included) changes proxy server automatically within any time interval to hide your location! Search with IECount in the best search engines! The quickest way to start search - press hotkey: (ctrl + F12 default), type word or phrase and press Enter - your will get results from the best engines: Google, Yahoo (get the result from the 10 best search engines). Customize IE properties quickly ! With one click you can change ie properties: show images, videos and animation, startup page and much more! Define most often properties and set them in tray to change quickly IECount tool supports language substitution with one click: now English, German, Spanish, Russian are supported. IECount makes Internet surfing more quick and pleasant! browsers tools, browser add-ons freeware listed in browsers tools, browser add-ons section.

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Tray Safe is the best ...

Tray Safe

Tray Safe is the best solution to save&protect your passwords! This password manager puts away your headache about lost passwords, protects your private information from hackers and provides you with a convenient access to necessary information right from the tray. The combination of the absolute protection and an instantaneous access to passwords makes this application a must-have for anybody who frequently uses the Internet for shopping, surfing and working. Tray Safe is fully customizable - you can customize its view, organize accounts with data in a tree-like manner, use the preset account templates or create your custom account templates - you can specify any number and sequence of text, application, file, date and textarea fields to get the view suitable for you. Tray Safe password manager is the safest and most suitable place to keep your usernames and passwords! This utilities software is listed under passwords, password manager, security, crypto, cryptography.

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The program AutoMixer ...


The program AutoMixer is intended for automatic control of volume level. This program can be used for hearing MP3-music, radio of viewing TV or playing games. The flexible tuning will allow you effectively use by the program in all cases. This is a freeware listed under sound tweaker, sound, category.

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Internet Image Browser...

Internet Image Browser

Internet Image Browser is pictures download manager to collect pictures from web sites-just define starting URL! This download manager has smart algorithm to find out and download images, mp3, zips and other resources from Internet. Power build-in viewer gives you thumbnail image browser to create, view and manage downloaded and your favorite pictures. Internet Image Browser will helps you to organize your online and offline image collections, store and enjoy them. Main features are: Analyzes given web site structure to find out all pictures, music and zips to save them on your hard disk. Can be customized: number of seeking and downloading threads, picture's possible sizes and extensions, search depth and external link's usage. Can be used to download any resources from web site ( .exe, .zip, .rar, .mp3) Power built-in image viewer - view images in thumbnails/full-screen mode/reports. Image operations - zoom in/out, set wallpaper, rotate, resize. Power image converter into 7 most known formats. Can be registered as default image browser to display all images on your hard disk. Try Internet Image Browser now to find out more features for you! Internet Image Browser license is shareware and it is listed in image, download manager, image viewer, image browser software.

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Enhance Internet Explo...


Enhance Internet Explorer with number of tricks: quick links in tray, quick start new URL or email from clipboard, customized web search in Google and Yahoo - just type to search, unwanted windows and popup killer, automatic proxy management system, quick IE properties manager, IE toolbar skins and other internal IE customization options. Additionally: limit number of IE at desktop, protection exit and settings with password, language support. browsers tools, browser add-ons shareware listed in browsers tools, browser add-ons section.

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