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Flash2X Screensaver Builder

Macromedia Shockwave Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now. Flash2X Screensaver Builder is a program allows you to build screensavers with Flash movies (*.swf). The program is able to package the screensavers as sell-installation package files(*.exe) for distribution. That makes it much more easier to install the screensavers on any PC you wish. The program allows you to build screensavers in freeware license. You can distribute these screensavers free as you wish. To install them on your friends' PCs and enjoy them together. You are also able to make money with the screensavers you build in shareware license. The program supports to build screensavers with 15 days trial period. Without the registration code from you, the users can't use the screensavers after the trial period. In the screensavers, users are able to set mute and ignore mouse movement. These options are useful for your screensavers users. For example, one of your users dose not want to annoying people around when he is enjoying the screensavers, he can just set it mute. Flash2X Screensaver Builder is a very useful tool to build screensavers with Flash movies and distribute them to your friends. It is also a good way to advertise to send wonderful Flash screensavers to your clients. Flash2X Screensaver Builder is a shareware categorized under screensaver editors tools.

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Flash2X EXE Packager

Macromedia Shockwave Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now. Flash2X EXE Packager is a program to package flash movies into executable files. It supports to include more than one flash movie files in just a single executable file. The program is very easy to use. You just have to select some flash movies and add them to the list. The program can compile them as one executable file. The executable package file is also a powerful flash player itself. If you do not want the watchers of your flash movies copy and use your works without permission, you can decide whether they are allowed to release the flash movies to SWF files or not when you build the executable file. It is very useful to flash authors to distribute and protect their works. This is a shareware listed under flash tools category.

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Flash2X Wallpaper Maker

Flash2X Wallpaper Maker is a program to convert SWF files into Flash wallpapers. It creates Flash wallpaper installars and allows users to install Flash wallpapers easily. There are some customized settings for Flash wallpapers such as movie qulity, background color and so on. Users are also able to import license agreements into the installar. The program is also a powerful marketing tool for Flash designers to promote their services. It can display a web link on the corner of wallpapers to help designers to improve their brand images and attract potential clients to visit their web sites. Designers do have to worry about the installation process because it is very easy to distribute and install Flash wallpapers. Flash2X Wallpaper Maker is a software.

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Flash2X Flash Hunter

Macromedia Shockwave Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now. Flash2X Flash Hunter is a program to help you collecting wonderful Flash movies on websites. You are able to download the Flash movies you like when you surfing online with this useful tool. The program is integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can start the program on Internet Explorer toolbar or popup menu. The program will analysis the HTML code in the web page you are browsing and find out all the Flash movies on it. You are able to preview them before saving to your PC. The program can be run as a normal application without Microsoft Internet Explorer also. After you input the web pages you want to download Flash movies from. The program will connect to the web pages and find out the Flash movies on them. The program is able to download Flash movies even you are accessing Internet through a proxy server. It uses the proxy setting in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which means you don't have to set the proxy server in the program again. Flash2X Flash Hunter is a very useful tool for Macromedia Shockwave Flash fans and designers. It is sample and easy to use. Now you are able to enjoy the Flash movies you like any time. This is a shareware listed under browser plug-in category.

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Flash2X Flash Player

Flash2X Flash Player is a program to play flash movies. It is more than a simple Flash Player. It also has other functions such as takeing screenshots, extract flash detail information, integrating other Flash2X products to build flash screensavers, flash wallpapers and converting flash to exe files. It is more than just a player. The program is also able to manage flash movie files on your hard drivers. Its built-in explorer allows you to browse the flash movies, copy, remove and rename them easily. The program is very helpful in managing and using flash movies. And it is totally free! - Playing flash movie files (*.swf); - Taking screenshot of flash movies; - Displaying the detail information of flash movies; - Easy to copy, delete and rename flash movies; - Integrated with other Flash2X products; - 9 different styles. web development flash tools freeware listed in web development flash tools section.

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