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SerialIP Utilities

SerialIP Utilities is easy-to-use package to resolve a problem of remote access to equipment and log all data received from this equipment into files to analyse them in the future. SerialIP Utilities is a software based RS232 to TCP/IP converter. SerialIP Utilities allows any of the RS232 serial ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network. SerialIP Utilities can transfer the data from COM-ports of local computer to COM-ports of remote computers using TCP/IP and save received data on a disk of local or remote computer. The basic features of SerialIP Utilities: 1. Grant a remote access to any COM-port equipments across Internet, LAN or any TCP/IP connections. 2. Save information received from serial port into file on a disk of remote or local computers 3. Save information received from TCP/IP port into file on a disk of remote or local computers 4. Transfer data from serial ports to other serial ports between remote or local computers 5. Give any number of users to have an access to each serial port simultaneously 6. Record the data on a disk of local or remote computers by several users simultaneously 7. Enable password to protect created remote connection to serial ports. SerialIP Utilities is a utilities software.

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There are many power...


There are many powerful electronic devices that can be connected to a PC through an RS232 interface. However, they are virtually useless without good accompanying software which can parse and filter the collected data storing it in an appropriate form for future analysis. FogSoft offers you a complete universal data collecting solution called ByteWedge. ByteWedge supports a wide range of devices, from lab equipment to office telephone systems. Unlike most competitors who provide only a basic DDE data exchange and require you to write sophisticated scripts to parse the input, ByteWedge efficiently integrates with all modern database engines through an ODBC interface. It can input data directly into your database, whether it is MS Access, MySQL or any other ODBC-compliant database. Don't waste your time and money elsewhere! There is no need to hire a programmer to prepare scripts and filters for you. Now you can create sophisticated data parsing and filtering solutions in minutes with the help of the ByteEdge visual step-by-step wizards. Advanced users will find a Perl-like scripting language to customize each and every aspect of data collecting and parsing. ByteWedge establishes a two-way communication with all devices whenever possible. This means that in addition to collecting data from a device, you can also control the device by sending commands back through the RS232 interface. This is extremely useful when full automation is needed. New! With the Bytewedge "Pro" version, you can tunnel the collected data from the PC connected to a device to a remote database over TCP/IP networks. system utilities automation tools shareware listed in system utilities automation tools section.

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ByteWedge Professional

There are many scientific, engineering, medical devices and instruments that use the RS-232 (serial port) interface to send data to a computer for further logging and analyzing. It works well when you can plug your device into your computer with a serial data cable. But, what if you need to gather information from remote devices that cannot be plugged into your PC directly? Even having a device located in the next room can became a real problem. Needless to say, that it is a BIG problem if you need to obtain data from a mobile instrument used to make measurements in different locations in your city or even in a wider area. This is where ByteWedge Professional can help. In addition to the normal RS-232 data processing operations, the program also allows you to transfer data from remote devices across TCP/IP networks. Just plug a device into a laptop connected to your local network or to the Internet and receive data on your server as if it were directly connected to the server's serial port. You can easily process data from multiple devices on the same server saving the results into the same database. Sometimes you cannot get your laptop connected to a network. ByteWedge can help you in this case too. ByteWedge comes with a freeware utility called Serial-File. This allows you to save data from a device to your laptop disk. The server where your copy of ByteWedge professional is installed, will be able to read data from this file as if it were a serial port. ByteWedge Professional includes a vast range of tools to process data from various devices. You can parse data on-the-fly, apply filters and load the results into databases or other applications. The program supports ODBC, OLE, DDE and other data interchange protocols. The program allows you to receive data from up to 255 local or remote devices simultaneously. ByteWedge Professional is a shareware categorized under utilities network utilities,utilities system utilities tools.

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SerialIP Server

SerialIP Server operates as a telnet server allowing the user to connect directly to a remote serial port (RS232) using TCP/IP connection. It is possible to connect to SerialIP Server using any available telnet application and send text commands to remote serial equipment directly. SerialIP Server overrides the restriction of device-bundled or specialized software that offers full control over the device on local machine only. With SerialIP Server it is possible to implement full control of a remote serial device using standard network protocols like TCP/IP. utilities network utilities,utilities system utilities,internet network tools shareware listed in utilities network utilities,utilities system utilities,internet network tools section.

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