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AVI recorder, capturin...

analyzer recording

AVI recorder, capturing an image from any window, recording under condition of a modification of an image. Plus - write time of a frame mapped in titles of a videoclip. Using whenever possible DDRAW hardware. analyzer recording license is shareware and it is listed in pentium iii, 3d video card 8mb directdraw full compatible. software.

Keywords: avi recorder analyzer recording mpeg capturing capture image videoclip avi recorder window under condition microsoft word format

Did you ever think of ...


Did you ever think of nice-looking clock on your desktop? ClockWallpaper - Clock and Wallpaper for Desktop. You always can see current time, and if necessary alarm system will prevent you from forgetting time. ClockWallpaper uses possibilities of modern videocards, and releases resources if you will be going to play in games. This utilities software is listed under desktop.

Keywords: clock cool clock desktop clock desktop alarm clock computer desktop clock window desktop clock active clock desktop pc desktop clock clock desktop wallpaper clock desktop digital clock desktop xp desktop clock software clock desktop clockwallpaper cool wallpaper desktop web mail accounts

Screen Saver. Landscap...

Changer FS

Screen Saver. Landscapes of Australia. Wallpaper generator. Smoothly maps files with images. Is remembering of the last file. Supports formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG, EMF. There is a possibility of an excision background. Special effects: blur, replacement of color, surface wave. Supports change of screen resolutions. NEW: in structure this unique ScreenSaver, is included not less unique Wallpaper Generator! When you finish ScreenSaver, Wallpaper Generator saves the last frame as Wallpaper. Wallpaper is saved in current depth of colour, it accelerates speed Windows. nature shareware listed in nature section.

Keywords: changer fs screen saver images blur replacement color surface wave screen saver landscapes australia wallpaper generator desktop publishing software

Big digital clock and ...

Neon Clock

Big digital clock and beautiful 3D ScreenSaver, Amazing special effects will not leave you indifferent! Plus tray clock! This screen savers software is listed under desktop screen savers other.

Keywords: neon clock clock 3d screensaver 3d screensaver screen saver screen saver space extraordinarily beautiful big clock digital clock cool clock running clock time clock computer clock clock download proudly presents

FG Time Sync utility c...

FG Time Sync

FG Time Sync utility can help you keep all your computers with the exact current time. Synchronize clock on your Desktop PC or Notebook, using time server available on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet or LAN. It can work as client or server. The protocol currently supported are time protocol(RFC-868). --- Real freeware, no hidden ad ware or SpyWare programs. No trials or restrictions. No trial period or restrictions. Small file size downloaded in seconds. Easy to uninstall if you don't want to keep it. FG Time Sync is a freeware categorized under network, internet timers, time synch tools.

Keywords: network ntp time timesync sync natural choice

Screen Saver. Maps on ...


Screen Saver. Maps on a screen short phrases. The phrases can be changed. Replacement of color, supports change of screen resolutions. Phrases by default: I am alive! Have a Drink first... Oh, what a wonderful day! Keep looking for that Vampire. I'm sure that's our problem, and he must be somewhere near. He's tough, but not immortal. You can take him! Excellent! I see that you can be trusted to perform well when called upon. Don't tell me you're losing your nerve? Get you gone, and don't come back 'til you've stiffened your spine! I can't believe my ears! Why did you do it? Why? Well, no matter. Who says being dead is bad? I AM THAT I AM I will come again. This is a freeware listed under 400 mhz category.

Keywords: screen saver alive maps short phrases directdraw freestone changed keyboard key

Perfect Absorber is a ...

Perfect Absorber

Perfect Absorber is a 3D arcade game. You are in command of a flight vehicle of the class "PERFECT ABSORBER" All is good but be advised: The slightest miscalculation on your part will result in the loss of your stored energy. Good Luck. It is a rather beautiful 3D arcade game. The purpose of game is rather simple - to fly on a canyon and collect as soon as possible the power spheres. But spheres do not stand on a place, that does a task of game not so simply as it seems at first sight. This games software is listed under processor 400 mhz (or faster). 3dvideo card, directx compatible. sound card..

Keywords: 3d arcade perfect absorber flight flying fly 3d command vehicle class perfect absorber computer opponents


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