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Hide and Encrypt fil...

Hide and Encrypt by GCM Enterprises

Hide and Encrypt files within image and sound files. Hide and Encrypt is a powerful but fun and easy-to-use software, which allows you to encrypt and hide files within image or sound files. Hide and Encrypt is an ideal solution for individuals who share sensitive data with family, friends, and co-workers. The product provides 5 encryption algorithms to protect your data and keep it safe from prying eyes. In addition an extensive shredding utility (which complies with the DoD 5220.22-M document) is included to allow you to permanently erase sensitive data. You also get the Lite version of Encrypt That Text which allows you to encrypt text messages and send them via your email program or your chat software. Encrypt That Text is a great companion to any email or chat software. Let the HaE hit man protect your data today. By the way don't click on the hit man?s gun he is very trigger-happy. security shareware listed in security section.

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GCMNotes will allow ...

GCMNotes by GCMEnterprises

GCMNotes will allow you to take notes from websites, news groups, or even your text files and keep them all in one place. No hunting and pecking for important information any longer. GCMNotes is an easy to use freeform note taking program which functions like a notebook. You create notebooks and inside the notebooks you create other notebooks or pages. Notes are stored in the pages of your notebook which can include any information you like such as from websites, newsgroups, personal information, cooking recipes, and whatever else your imagination can dream up. You will be able to search the database for any notes you have saved and retrieve them in seconds. You will also be able to export your database and take it with you whereever you go. In addition you will be able to create additional users in the program which will allow you to either share information or keep separate accounts. Your household will be able to share information with each other sharing notes, contacts, goals, or passwords all in a single database. GCMNotes by GCMEnterprises is a business software.

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Get your mallet read...


Get your mallet ready for some Blox smashing fun. The Blox have come to earth because they have heard we posses an unending supply of storage space of which they desperately need. Protect the world from the invading blox that wish to enslave humanity and take our storage space. You are our last line of defense against the invading horde of blox. Fun and highly addictive. Randomized game play. Fun for any skill level. Quick Game Play. 2 Game Modes. XolBlox is a shareware categorized under games, entertainment puzzle, word games tools.

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Earbuilder is an ear...

Earbuilder by GCMEnterprises

Earbuilder is an ear training software for students, hobbyists, or any music enthusiast on a budget. Purchase Earbuilder to train you towards your perfect pitch ear you have always wanted. Earbuilder will train your ear with Interval, Scales, and Chord drills that can be customized to your desire. Use the auto trainer for hands free practice. Purchase Earbuilder now. This education software is listed under music.

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Galaxy-G is a space ...


Galaxy-G is a space trading game, in which you chart your own destiny. Earn enough funds to purchase new and better ships or to outfit your current ship with better weapons, shields, or gadgets. Stockpile enough money to purchase your own planets or ever an entire sector of Galaxy-G. As long as there is Life to be lived, Money to be made, and Missions to be run there is no end to the Grand Journey. Randomized game play. Unlock all ships for purchase. Unlimited Game Play. Get software Updates and Fixes. Download Additional Missions Unlock all special events. No more nag screens. This games software is listed under games, entertainment strategy, war games.

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