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Fractal Texture Composer

Fractal Texture Composer (FTC) is an advanced and highly innovative texture creation software that contains powerful tools that enable the user to create thousands of original textures. A powerful editor allows you to create compelling graphics and stunning special effects never seen before. FTC comes complete with stock materials such as marble, wood, brick, granite, sky, water, etc. and special features like elevations, waves, ripples, bumps, dents and many more. A user friendly interface allows you to quickly take control. Select predefined textures from the library, modify and create endless texture possibilities. You can literally create a realistic looking and totally original texture in a matter of seconds. you can Import and work with your own images, or your video in mpeg1 or mpeg2, avi format. You can also animate the textures, or make special effects on your video, and save them. This graphics software is listed under ,editors,illustration,animation,video.

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