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501 Tangram Challenges

Are you ready to face 501 challenges of the classic Tangram puzzle? Solve hundreds of built-in challenges, construct your own Tangram shapes, and challenge your friends to recreate them! The object of the game is to form a particular shape from the pieces (tans). Tangram is very useful for children, because it helps to develop creative and mathematical abilities, spatial imagination, accuracy, and patience. 501 Tangram Challenges features include: hundreds of built-in tangram challenges; multiple ways to drag, rotate, and flip pieces; easy-to-use Flash-style interface with tool tips for each element; choosing and editing built-in challenges by thumbnail, number or name; choosing and editing random "surprise" challenges; creating, editing, and solving custom challenges; displaying solution for all challenges; advanced editor buttons to move, rotate, flip, and center all the pieces; previewing complete puzzle shape before saving a custom challenge; fully customizable appearance with saving and loading custom color settings as a color profile. This is a shareware listed under puzzle, educational, kids, games, board games, entertainment, mind benders category.

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Safely publish your ...


Safely publish your email address online. Protect it from SPAM programs that automatically scan your pages and index your addresses for sending you junk mail. Set to, cc, bcc addresses, and message subject and body. Use text link, button, or image to start new email message. Display link description in the browser status bar. Easily save and load your settings. Create both protected and simple comprehensive email links. This is a shareware listed under web development java, javascript category.

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Professional card reading software that gives both playing cards (52 and 36 cards decks) and Tarot quality card reading with detailed explanation. Customizable appearance, advanced features and online tutorial learn how to read the cards. CArTomancy takes into account many important factors of successful card reading: your personal information (sex, age, marital status), general (positive or negative) meaning of the whole spread, card position, presence of cards of the same value or suit (their general meaning as well as their impact on the following detailed interpretation), influence of neighbor, next and previous cards on the specific meaning of each card. Four kinds of personalized card reading. Open, save, delete user profiles, readings, and color schemes. Printing is supported. CArTomancy license is shareware and it is listed in astrology, card reading, divination, tarot software.

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