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Boss Backup 2

BossBackup2 is a unique backup and copy program for Windows 2000 and XP. It will create a bootable backup to a different partition on the same drive or a separate hard drive doing it all from the Windows environment. By having a second, REFRESHABLE, operating system/hard drive you will have the ability to test updates, new programs etc. by booting to the secondary hard drive or partition, do whatever you want to do having the knowledge that even if you screw up you have not compromised the integrity of your primary operating system/hard drive. And, the best part is that when you are finished messing around or messing up you can return to your primary hard drive/operating system and it is as you left it. Then, simply run BossBackup2 again and restore and synchronize the secondary drive or partition back to the exact state of your primary operating system/hard drive. No uninstalls to worry about, and most important, NO MISTAKES. It is also an efficient way to backup your entire hard drive or just those important designated directories, non compressed. It is compatible with FAT 32 and NTFS file systems. We believe it to be the fastest backup program for the PC on the market today! The main reason for its speed is that after the initial backup, one of BossBackup2s' options is to only backs up changed files. Keep in mind that because you are working to and from hard media, simple one or two file retrievals may be accomplished through Windows Explorer. BossBackup2 is totally customizable. You may choose the directories to be backed up, or create backup sets that can be scheduled. BossBackup2 does all the things other backup systems do but what makes BossBackup2 different is it's restore capabilities. It is the only product on the market today that will allow you to restore your system to the exact settings and configurations of your last backup and it does it all in Windows You no longer will have the fear of ever loosing your data or Windows config setting. Boss Backup 2 is a utilities software.

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