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SmartVersion lets users store different versions of their files easily, and makes retrieving any previously saved version just as simple. This is especially useful for users who need to save their work in incremental steps. Examples include programmers keeping track of different versions of their software at the various stages, business people working on proposals, graphic designers who make frequent adjustments to their art, writers experimenting with different ideas for manuscripts, and webmasters experimenting with different styles of webpages. All these users, and many others, who constantly update and change their products, and yet have a need to retrieve previous versions of their work, will find a lot of value in SmartVersion, a tool that will help them save time and money. When users work on files which need to be changed frequently, they either constantly overwrite previous versions so they work on a single file only, or save each version as a separate file. Overwriting seems to be a convenient and resource saving method of working, until they need to retrieve previous versions of their work. When this happens, they have to waste time by either undoing all their work, or even starting from scratch. Alternatively, if users try to save every single version of their work as separate files, this inevitably results in unnecessary, virtually identical extra files which waste valuable harddisk space. SmartVersion provides is a practical alternative by keeping track of subsequent versions of saved files as updates or patches of the original file. Unlike other patching schemes, SmartVersion is also not limited to working with software products, or providing single version upgrades, making it the perfect archiving solution for a greater variety of users. SmartVersion is the perfect archiving solution for users who want a smart, practical and more effective way to save and retrieve different versions of their work. SmartVersion is a utilities software.

Keywords: archiving solution single file previous versions inevitably version upgrades frequent adjustments incremental steps waste time graphic designers programmers retrieve previous manuscripts constantly time and money saved files harddisk space single version overwrite international character sets industrial applications

Readfile utility cal...


Readfile utility calculate CRC32, Adler32, MD5 and SHA1 of fille. It allows you to test the speed of memory copy and disk transfer operations under Windows 95 and Windows NT. This is a Win32 console application. C Source included. This utilities software is listed under system utilities.

Keywords: fille win32 memory copy windows nt sha1 console application md5 c source windows 95 crc32 disk transfer professional screen savers key data

BootPart is an easy ...


BootPart is an easy tool for adding one partition in the Windows NT multi boot menu (by samples, OS/2 boot manager or Linux partition). Bootpart 2.50 is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. BOOTPART lets you add partitions in the Windows NT/2K/XP Multiboot menu. Usually, you only have an MSDOS or Windows 95 entry and one (or several) entries on the Windows NT multiboot. With BOOTPART, you can add any partition on the menu. You can add OS/2 Multiboot, or Linux Partition (with Lilo) in the menu. You can also restore the Dos, Windows 95/98/Me or NT Bootloader boot sector on Fat partition. BOOTPART creates a 512 bytes file which contains an image of a boot sector that loads the boot sector of the partition. After, this file is declared in C:\BOOT.INI (a text file used by Windows NT boot menu). The boot sector comes from FDFormat and WinImage. The version 2.50 has now very cool feature : repair Windows NT loader boot sector on Fat partition (but Bootpart cannot the repair under Windows NT/2K/XP), easily add both MS-Dos 6.22 and Windows 95 in boot menu, support FAT32 and disk over 4 GB, and LBA addressing... This utilities software is listed under system utilities.

Keywords: menu support os 2 multi boot menu nt loader ms dos 6 linux partition bootloader repair windows windows 95 winimage boot manager boot sector support fat32 windows nt multiboot menu xp multiboot nt boot menu boot ini natural settings wma files

WinImage is a powerf...


WinImage is a powerful disk utility that enables users to create disk images from floppy disks, extract files from image files, create empty images, write the images back to floppy disks, and more! WinImage also supports many different standard and non-standard image file formats, including the Microsoft DMF format. WinImage is an ASP shareware program. WinImage has many cool features: Make a disk image from a floppy Extract file(s) from an image Create empty disks Inject files and directories into an image Change an image format Defragment an image Support for non-standard formats (DMF, 1.68MB...) Powerful "Batch assistant" mode that lets you automate many operations. ... WinImage uses a modern, cutting edge Windows interface, and is available for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Windows NT in English, French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish. WinImage is available on Intel x86, Dec Alpha, Mips R4000, PowerPC platforms for Windows NT. WinImage is shareware. You can evaluate it for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, if you are using WinImage, you need to register. WinImage license is shareware and it is listed in disk utilities software.

Keywords: defragment windows interface image format disk image image file formats windows nt intel x86 floppy disks empty disks shareware program powerpc platforms dmf format disk images edge windows image support image files image change dec alpha winimage mips r4000 compact program drop ftp

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