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Leverage for Real Estate Investment

Do a Real Estate Deal, Step by Step the easy way. Real Estate Investment Financing Software for individual investors and landlords for valuating deals and real estate investment opportunities based on rental income. Easy as a playing a video game. Cashflow forecasting analysis and sale transaction analysis. For investors, developers, cfo, appraisers, property managers, to make financial forecasting decisions during a property acquisition for valuation. No spreadsheets. Mortgage comparison and analysis with insight into interest rates. For real estate appraisals. Refinancing software. For lease analysis and lease value in with reports and charts for the bank. Determine IRR, internal rate of return, NPV, net present value, and payback period. Great for CPAs and accountants. Accounting software for real estate projections and forecast proforma. Great for beginners in real estate investing. Leverage by Glacier Concept. This business software is listed under business investment tools.

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