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Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer

With GTech ATS (Atomic Time Synchronizer) you can synchronize your computer's clock with atomic clock servers over the internet, the so-called time servers. It uses the network time protocol (NTP) which allows to obtain a high degree of accuracy. The time difference between your computer clock and the atomic clocks is generally smaller then 500 msec (0.5 seconds). GTech ATS is a multilanguage .NET application which currently supports english, german and spanish. The most important features are: - Proxy support. - Access to more than 190 time servers around the world. - Ability to connect to local time servers. - System tray support which keeps your desktop taskbar free - A Manual time request function. - Periodically time synchronization. - Capability to run at windows startup and to synchronize the time immediately after the internet connection is available. - Automatic time synchronization after application start. - Ability to automatically exit the application after time synchronization. - Configurable clock's style and time formats. This utilities software is listed under system tools.

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Send short messages ...


Send short messages using ISDN phone lines and relay phone calls to your celluar phone. ISDN will also inform you via SMS or email about ISDN monitor messages or other events at home or in the office. connectivity shareware listed in connectivity section.

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WebSMS is a program ...


WebSMS is a program installed on the user?s PC which allows to send Short Messages to cellular phones around the world using free SMS-Servers. The main advantages of WebSMS are: - WebSMS connects automatically from your PC using the online connection to the SMS-Server. You don?t need any more to navigate with the browser to go the page of the SMS-Server for send short messages. - WebSMS keeps an easy-to-maintain address book of your friends, colleagues or business partners like a normal Email program. You don?t need to remember the cellular phone number and to type it when you try to send a short message using a WEB page. - WebSMS allows adding a personal signature to each short message you can send. - WebSMS has a list of predefine standard messages, that you can easily access and put in your short message. - WebSMS contains a history list, which shows you all the short messages you have sent, the date, and the send status. - WebSMS contains a list of free SMS-Servers, which will be increased continuously, permitting you to reach more cellular phones in more countries. For more information please visit: Email: This internet software is listed under internet.

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