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The Librarian: Compl...

The Librarian

The Librarian: Complete Windows software for your library. Public catalog search computers located anywhere. No network required. Manage all library collections, patron data, circulation and late returns. Provide public self-checkout of library materials from the computer. Simple weekly updates are ideal for volunteer librarians. The public search method is familiar to all. Information and graphics displayed to the public is completely editable. Because of this, the public display part of this software is adaptable to other single byte languages. The setup form and help files remain in English. However this will not be an impediment to the volunteer librarians. This education software is listed under library public catalog.

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IndexXit is a univer...


IndexXit is a universal cataloger of anything including collectibles, pictures, websites, inventories, or lists of all kinds. Open IndexXit and all your catalogs are immediately available. You decide what data to include and can change it, rearrange it, sort it, total it and search it. A list may contain pictures in any column(s). The picture slide show and thumbnail windows apply to any pictures. IndexXit handles pictures in the jpeg format and can retrieve any of over 10,000 pictures in any album. The number of albums is up to you. No organization of picture files required. No renaming required. No tags. Pictures remain where you place them. IndexXit search retrieves pictures by the data supplied with them. Very effective for large collections. The picture display is so simple that there is a Child Mode allowing small children to play with family pictures or others collected for their amusement. There is also a similar password mode that constrains users to view but not edit the data. A free viewer for IndexXit files is available. Installed on another computer it can read, search and display data and pictures just like IndexXit. It works only with IndexXit files. Building data sets easy, has a spreadsheet like feel and convenience, and has no forms to fill for each item. There are no database requirements. IndexXit is fully self-contained and needs no other software. The data is held in text files which cannot become obsolete. Text files can be imported into or exported from any database program or spreadsheet at any time. Data exported as text from other programs can be loaded into IndexXit. You design the data file, selecting column order and headings. Format columns as general, text, numbers, dates, check boxes, other yes/no types and websites. Enabled website addresses allow a cell to be clicked to bring up that website page in your browser. An email address any where in any list can be used to start your default email handler. IndexXit license is shareware and it is listed in internet utilities, catalogers, retail business software.

Keywords: format columns data sets thumbnail windows email database requirements slide show search retrieves text files spreadsheet check boxes website addresses jpeg format time data headings inventories database program data file self contained rearrange facial expressions future time

You can know exactly...


You can know exactly the live and dead volumes of your design of a bulk storage installation consisting of unlimited placement of material, withdrawal points, walls, slopes and grades. You will be able to show visual validation of results with presentation grade graphics. Results are stored for quick recall and multiple documents hold trial designs allowing for optimizing the storage design. Placement of material can be any combination of single point, linear, or radial stackers You can translate all terms into your language and have the new dialect show automatically. You can have the output results in a different language. PileVclr license is demo and it is listed in engineering, business,productivity,industrial,miscellaneous software.

Keywords: bulk storage output results dialect presentation grade storage design single point radial stackers design placement slopes perfect solution style tags

Your quick calculato...

Conveyor Capacity

Your quick calculator for belt conveyor capacity. Enter data in U.S. or metric units. Output is in both units and shows full load and your input for comparison. You also get load width, edge distance, depth at skirtboard, cross-sectional area, load on the belt and the design load per cent of full capacity. This is a freeware listed under engineering, business,productivity,industrial, educational, miscellaneous category.

Keywords: belt conveyor cross sectional area metric units calculator line documentation system failure

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