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TracHound is a feature rich multi purpose project tracking application. It can be used to track a variety of project related issues, such as tasks, bug reports, change request, work request, action items or any other project, business, or technical related issue that you need to track and or manage. TracHound has an intuitive interface that makes entering and viewing records a snap. You can customize the record to match your process and terminology; make fields required, remove fields, change captions and value lists. Let TracHound help improve your teams productivity, enhance communication, deliver higher quality products faster, reduce project costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Feature include; 33 User Customizable Fields, 10 Drop Down List Fields, 5 Text Fields, 5 Number Fields (Double), 5 Checkbox Fields (True/False), 5 Date Fields, 3 Memo Fields; Automated email notifications using SMTP mail system, Define custom rules to trigger e-mail notifications, Use e-mail templates to customize the content of the e-mail notification messages, Organize records by project, status, priority, severity, etc., Customizable filters. Powerful filter wizard gives you total control over which records you view. Custom reports based on user defined filters. Add file attachments to any record. (documents, procedures, images, etc.) Supports multiple projects. Link related records. TracHound license is shareware and it is listed in project management, organizers, business, databases software.

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