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Termin- und Resourcenverwaltung AG-Top 3.06 Demo

organizer AG-Top - 30 days free Trialversion for 5 Clients AG-Top administrates appointments and tasks of as many agents, objects and groups as you like. This is why AG-Top is an effective tool of organization and why it is right for team use. In AG-Top, user defined kinds of appointments simplify the capture and analysis of appointments. This helps you to produce a classification of appointments suitable to your demands. By the integration of objects such as rooms or vehicles, team meetings with several agents can be organized in link with room reservation. This avoids double reservation. With the help of finding appointment gaps, you can find out easily which agents are available at that time and which room can be reserved. You can link up to 10 files/documents with each entry. For example, you can immediately combine a report as a word document, with an appointment. The internal news system sends an appointment inquiry to all affected agents at once. Flexible options of evaluation with statistic function allow detailed analysis. The complex user-rights-system controls access of agents and objects. Direct link to address filing system AG-V.I.P. and computer integrated telephony solution AG-Tel is possible. Further functions: - as many people, objects, groups manageable as you like - free classification of appointments - integrable news system - finding appointment gaps - periodical appointments - analysis and statistics - flexible export function - etc. Termin- und Resourcenverwaltung AG-Top 3.06 Demo is a business software.

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AG-Call-Center-Suite 2.4 - Telefonmarketinglösung für Inbound und Outbound

AG-Call-Center-Suite - 30 days free Trialversion for 5 Clients Grutzeck-Software offers a modularly built solution for call-center and phone marketing. It is able to cover sections such as direct marketing or customer information systems. AG-Tel Pro the professional solution for telephone marketing Grutzeck-Software offers a modularly built solution for call-center and phone marketing. It is able to cover sections such as direct marketing or customer information systems. The logged AG-Tel PRO list from a system administrator's view AG-Tel PRO is a professional telephony software based on the standard-CTI-interface TAPI. Outbound For outbound, you select all addresses you want to dial and put them into a project which you have installed in AG-Tel PRO. Assign several agents to the project. When the agent mounts to the software, he makes out all phone calls that are due, from the centrally based list of addresses. He does these phone calls in power dial. Phone calls that cannot be carried out (e.g. when engaged), reoccur in resumption automatically. In case the agent got through successfully, the database of the person that has been called, shows in the marketing data base AG-V.I.P., or the interactive phone connecting thread opens. After the phone call, the agent can reactivate or finish the process of phone calls. He can also activate the automatic resumption at another point in time. The supervisor can inspect, analyze, or observe the whole phone call job any time. Inbound When a phone call arrives, the caller is identified directly in the marketing data base AG-V.I.P. by the caller's phone number. AG-Tel PRO can identify the according project from the number that has been dialed. This way, the wanted text is shown, or the interactive AG-Script connecting thread is being started. This business software is listed under database.

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