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Norman Security Suite

This integrated suite provides complete protection for your computer. It protects you against viruses, spyware, trojans and malware and other threats. Features low memory footprint and CPU load for improved performance. Safeguard your personal information with this complete protection package including antivirus, antispyware, firewall utility and parental controls. Norman Security Suite is a shareware software filed under security, privacy other utilities.

internet threats hostile activity software performance

HappyEO Pro - DEMO

HappyEO is a virtual instrument with your computer keyboard and mouse. It has many features only exists in advanced electric-organ. It's easy, funny and powerful. Create your own songs in minutes. 128 voices and more! Support split keyboard! Many effects! Support auto-accompaniment! Support record, playback, karaoke play, multi-track record! Can save you music to MIDI file! Support external MIDI keyboard! Can be used as virtual piano in Cakewalk

octave shift midi song electric organ

Spam Counterstrike spam filter

Keep spam out of your inbox with the most effective and easiest to use spam filter available today. Spam CounterStrike works with your e-mail program to check spam. Each e-mail is judged to be spam as it is downloaded. There is no risk of losing any of e-mail since spam is placed outside of the inbox for review or deletion at your convenience. Emphasis and care was placed on making Spam CounterStrike easy to use. Spam Counterstrike spam filter is licensed as shareware and placed in email, e-mail, outlook, anti-spam, filter, spam block, privacy section.

microsoft outlook express obstacle pop3 clients


This development tool is an HTML pre-processor and compiler that generates html for static sites quickly and easily. Nested include files for repeating structures, tokenising/compiling, link checking etc. This development tools shareware MacroHTML is categorized under web development html tools.

heading hyperlink link checking

!!Quick Browser!!

Quick Browser 2.1 is a free/simple/easy/quick web browser. It is based on Internet Explorer and is a plain browser that can be built using WebBrower object in any language, like C++ or Visual Basic. Quite frankly it is not sure why to use this browser when there are Internet Explorer or Firefox readily available. This freeware is archived under writting category.

Automation ActiveX Components

ActiveX Automation Components including Scope, Chart, Plotter, PieChart, BarChart, 3D Components, Indicator, Gauge, ProgressBar, Ruler, Temperature Control, AlphaNumeric LED, Counter and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments. Automation ActiveX Components is licensed as demo and placed in activex controls section.

activex controls 3d components temperature control

2000 Hanzi

Learn Chinese: With 2000 Hanzi you will master the Chinese language, learn enough characters to read books and to pass the HSK. Learn simplified or traditional Chinese characters or skip the characters, turn on pinyin and learn how to speak Chinese. 2000 Hanzi comes with a little more than 2000 characters and more than 8000 words preinstalled - no extra downloads and no hunting for lists. Download and start immediately.

brain hsk hunting

TCI200B GUI Remote Control

The TCI200B GUI Remote Control sits on the desktop of a windows computer. This freeware sends IR signals to a Motorola DCT2000 series receiver (or General Instrument DCT2000 series receiver) via a USB-UIRT (Universal Infrared Receiver Transmitter). One unique feature of all T.H.E. GUI Remote Controls is the "Key Repeat Timer" which gives you the ability to set the Timer to Repeat any Key programmatically. Useful to mute annoying commercials. TCI200B GUI Remote Control is a freeware software filed under home automation, automation, multimedia utilities.

background color remote control series receiver

Scum of the Universe

This game is a game that combines two genres: arcade and strategy. On one side, it's a classic vertical-scrolling 3rd person shooter game. On the other side, it is an adventure and strategy. You should choose whether you'll be an independent space trader, firearms smuggler, fierce freedom-fighter or something in between. Following the main storyline, you go through the galaxy from one planet to another. Scum of the Universe is a demo software filed under games, entertainment action utilities.

adventure elements 3rd person shooter galaxy


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