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Daily Interest Calculator

Calculate accumulated daily interest, remaining balance and number of interest days on a loan or deposit over a selectable period. Selectable compounding period, Selectable calculation method, Equivalent Interest Rate Calculator included for determining effective rates and daily interest factors, nice printouts with or without your own banner, help in compiled HTML format with links to more web based applications. Real freeware. No spyware, adware or viruses. Go to: www.mw-plus.com/dic.html. This business software is listed under business accounting, finance.

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Mortgage Wizard Plus

This nice and intuitive program can calculate payments, remaining balance, amortization period, interest rate and affordable amount. Amortization schedule is in scrollable spreadsheet format with screen splitting, formatting and editing capabilities. Selectable row locking/unlocking (with or without password protection). Amort. Schedule and various reports can be opened in default browser. Includes daily interest calculator and equivalent interest rate calculator bonus programs. Payment distribution can be displayed in tabular form, in various reports and pie, line and bar charts. Nice screen displays and printouts. Does Canadian, American and foreign mortgages. Use either the 360 day method or Exact day factors to calculate your mortgages/loans. The program is capable of dealing with missed payments, late payments, lumpsum payments, interest changes, payment changes, variable rate mortgages, draw mortgages. Customize your printouts with your own header text and logo or banner. All capabilities of the registered edition are for a period of 21 days available in the Evaluation Version. For more info visit http://www.mw-plus.com. Mortgage Wizard Plus license is shareware and it is listed in business accounting, finance software.

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