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HaveTheyReadItYet is a unique privacy-protection and receipt-notification tool for users of Microsoft's Outlook Express and Outlook 2000/XP. It runs in the background under Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, and automatically inserts special images called "stamps" into new message composition windows. Anytime after a stamped message is sent, the sender or any recipient it can click on the image and see when and "where" (in terms of Internet addresses) the message has been opened. Anyone can download the program for free and can install and use any number of copies with complete anonymity. Each copy comes with five re-usable stamps, allowing indefinite no-charge use by anyone who does not need to track more than five messages at one time. Users can purchase additional stamps to track more messages, or can use unlimited free stamps that bear logos of HaveTheyReadItYet partner companies. Users benefit from (1) time saved on phone calls to confirm that messages have arrived, (2) miscommunication prevented when a sender wrongly assumes that a message has been read, and (3) better coordination when e-mail is used in any time-sensitive situation. HaveTheyReadItYet servers never receive or store any confidential information. Its technology does not affect the routing of e-mail messages, does not modify messages after they are sent (so it is uniquely suited to secure messaging), and does not require identifying information about senders or receivers. HaveTheyReadItYet stamps are never hidden from recipients, never run code of any kind on a recipient's computer, and anyone who clicks on them can see all of the information they collect. It protects the privacy of both senders and receivers of e-mail messages by allowing any party to an e-mail conversation to see whether the conversation is being observed by people who are not listed as recipients. The product's growing postage-stamp image catalog contains several hundred images, and users can create their own. e-mail utilities freeware listed in e-mail utilities section.

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