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NUCEM Spam Terminator 2.0

GUARANTEED COMPLETE SOLUTION to spam! NUCEM (pronounced nuk-'em) is user friendly, easy to install, maintenance free, reliable, and works quietly within your existing email program. No complicated filters to install, configure or maintain. Unlike content filters, NUCEM will not remove email you want to receive(zero false positives). NUCEM builds an indestructible barricade to spam and using collaboration technologies NUCEM immobilizes spammers by identifying and reporting spam abuse. NUCEM supports multiple user profiles with Hotmail, Yahoo, POP, IMAP, and Exchange. NUCEM - your final solution to spam. Get NUCEM NOW and regain control of your Inbox! It is the last anti-spamming solution you will EVER need. anti-spam shareware listed in anti-spam section.

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NUCEM? improves your...

NUCEM Spam Terminator

NUCEM? improves your personal productivity by eliminating what you perceive to be spam from your Inbox. No other solution can do that for you. NUCEM? installs in minutes and is completely intuitive so you are spam free without complicated configurations or lengthy user manuals. NUCEM? blocks over 99% of spam from the Inbox, and continues to improve as you train it to recognize e-mail that you perceive to be spam and you can train NUCEM? to trust newsletters that look like spam. NUCEM? is 3 times more effective at blocking spam than compared with the next best anti-spam service, and almost 10 times more effective compared with the next best anti-spam product. NUCEM? is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook, so you continue to work in your familiar e-mail program. Using a proprietary e-mail classifier NUCEM? accurately differentiates between valid e-mail and spam because spam uses distinct patterns, styles and vocabulary, which is distinguishable from traditional e-mail. This technology is extremely accurate (99%) in detecting spam, while exhibiting a very lower incidence of detecting valid e-mail as spam (false-positive). The key distinguishable characteristics of NUCEM? are: * Accurate Spam Detection > 99% * False Positive Detection < 0.1% * Limit size of quarantine folder * Simple One Click Solution * Immune to spammer's avoidance techniques * Supports Hotmail, IMAP, Yahoo, POP and Exchange Accounts * Customized Spam Definition. NUCEM Spam Terminator license is shareware and it is listed in anti-spam, e-mail, uce, junk software.

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