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FosiX is a tool desi...

FosiX Lite

FosiX is a tool designed to visualize the folder size on your hard disk with the purpose to gain additional space. It creates a virtual size tree which can be accessed via chart graphic or size explorer. You can browse through and manage those folders by the visual chart elements representing folder size. You can scan the entire hard disk, save and load the size tree and update while you are working. You can export the graphs, to an image or export the size tree to excel, html etc. Fosi also provides a "size ranking" list let you find those big ones in one glipse, Keep your hard disk slim because Fosi finds and eliminate temp files on your hard disk Fosi cleans your desktop by finding broken shortcuts. Regain space and clean internet traces with the Fosi web cleaner. disk utilities freeware listed in disk utilities section.

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WhatNext is a ToDo A...


WhatNext is a ToDo Application, solely designed to keep track of the things you have todo. WhatNext helps to keep track on your tasks in a convenient and transparent way. The ToDo items are colored with respect to the item type, to provide the relevant information on the fly. E.g. the ToDo item turns red if the deadline has been exceeded. WhatNext also can trigger an alarm or run a selected Application. WhatNext automatically saves the ToDo list when closing the application, but it also import and export items and lists. WhatNext can learn your individual language. The language items are stored in a text file, where every user can create a new language file by the fly. This is a freeware listed under organizer, todo list category.

Keywords: todo alarm import export multi language whatnext list functions autosave im-export multilanguage encryption algorithm

CoolCap is a great t...


CoolCap is a great tool for creators of desktop themes, help files or programs. CoolCap is a MDI Picture viewer using a thumbnail gallery to browse for images. CoolCap provides basic image editing functions alternatively it allows to edit your image in MS Paint. CoolCap provides multiple ways to create screen shoots, a feature even to save selction rectangle to repeat the shoot at same postion. By converting those images into high color icons you can archive the basic elements of your Desktop Themes in no time. desktop themes tools freeware listed in desktop themes tools section.

Keywords: capture screen mdi picture viewer icon converter pay as you go

Cryptor the data sec...


Cryptor the data security solution from hushpage. With Cryptor you are able to encrypt data files with the most secure encryption technique - by adding the data into an image. This technique is called steganography. What Cryptor makes special is the fact that it produces the smallest possible output images, whereby the size of the key image is almost independent from the size of the data which will be encrypted . The design of Cryptor allows some automatisms, in order to provide a one click encryption. Cryptor is save: Only by using encrypted- & key-image with Cryptor the original data can be decrypted again. Cryptor is fast: optimized image processing for fastest results. Cryptor is effective: using 24 bit bitmaps to hide data in each color. Picture utilization almost 100%: Images will be resampled based on file size. Cryptor uses zip algorithms to decrease size of destination image further. An encrypted image usually has 1 to 5 times the size of the original data file (text smaller, graphics higher). Cryptor is easy to use: one click encryption from explorer context menu. a wizard may guide you trough the en- decryption process. an organizer let you store the key images for the correspondence with different recipients (buddy list) Using Cryptor is fun: It comes with a beautiful design and 5 different skins. CryptorX is a software.

Keywords: cryptor encryption decryption steganography wizard secure encryption smallest size easy to use organize buddy items disc space

JawGrid is a very at...


JawGrid is a very attractive PC-Clone of the adictive JawBreaker (c) Game from the Pocket PC. It might be explained as a mix between MineSweeper and Tetris. However I use balls or even ducks instead of bricks. I have created JawGrid after my wife and my kids have started to occupy my pocket PC because they were playing this game. So I need to put it on the PC. Since I did not find another implementation suiting my demand, I created this one. Users told me this is better then JawBreaker itself. The rules are rather simple but nevertheless the game play becomes very amazing as soon you start reaching for high scores. There are four different modes for playing (normal, shift, add mega row, add mega shift row), which makes JawGrid even more interesting. To start a competition, every mode keeps an own high score list. And if balls becomes boring, you may choose among more then 100 different images. This is a freeware listed under arcade games, kid games, memory games category.

Keywords: jawbreaker kids game design lookup database

Delphad is a RTF/Tex...

Delphad Lite

Delphad is a RTF/Text Editor with embedded HTML and Picture viewer. Functions of Delphad: Import Office Files, Page Setup, Print Preview, Send Mail, Password De-Encrypt, Spell Check, Calculator etc.. Delphad Lite license is freeware and it is listed in rtf and text editor , html picture viewer software.

Keywords: delphad rtf text editor html picture viewer send mail en-decrypt spell checker default screen saver

SpyKy is a tool that...


SpyKy is a tool that has been designed to fulfill certain privacy needs of a computer user. It records activities and key strokes, provides hot keys for several actions and erases or edits Internet traces in different comfortable ways. Furthermore SpyKy is equipped with some small gimmicks like password retrieval and the ability of capturing Flash movies. Spiky's functions could be grouped into two main directions, to "spy" and to "cover". By installing a system wide Key Hock SpyKy is able to record every keystroke and mouse click in the system. This is a great opportunity to control what others did at your computer. Spyky also can work in hidden modus and send the log file per mail to you. This system wide hook also allows the preparation of system wide Hot Keys. Then it is possible to start any program as defined in the SpyKy options, and also close, minimize or restore any process or any program based on its title. With the Boss key you can clean up your PC and start some additional tasks just with a short cut (Alt+E). The second set of functions of SpyKy is the ability to clean Internet traces. This job can be performed in some different ways. If you prefer the general clean up, you can clean Internet files, some registry items and the Recycle Bin with one button completely, or selectively based on a filter list. The last function is very convenient, because it dont destroy the info from the cache of the locations the user dont want to delete. SpyKy license is shareware and it is listed in keylogger, web washer, evidence eliminator software.

Keywords: spyky keylogger send log file emergency key evidence elimintor video music

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