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Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer

With the Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer applet it is possible to define the RGB values of a selected color. The color can be defined with 7 sliders or with a random function. The program requires a browser with Java Plugin 1.4.2. The applet comes with a html page, that can be loaded in the browser to display the applet. No installation or de-installation of the Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer is necessary. Simply unzip the downloaded zip file and double click on the html file to load this file in a browser. The files mixer.html and mixer.jar must be in the same directory but can be placed everywhere in the directory hirarchy. The HTML-site will notify you if the browser does not have the required Java Plugin, and prompt you to download and install the required Java-Plugin from the homepage of Sun Microsystem. graphic tools freeware listed in graphic tools section.

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