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Multidom was originally commisioned by a client whose brief was simple - for us to design the fastest, most configurable domain name search engine in the World. MultiDom supports multiple name queries, and up to 200+ TLDs. Plus, new TLDs can be added by administrators. Enter domain names with or without domain prefix or suffix, tailor its appearance, and configure a vast array of settings via a back-end administrator panel - including one click activation of inbuilt shopping cart capability. One of MultiDoms strongest assets is the degree to which Administrators can easily configure both cosmetic and technical aspects of MultiDom, using a simple user interface via their web browser. Administrators may add new domains to Multidom as they become available, set limits on the amount of data entered to prevent swamping, set the default number of parallel searches, decide whether to allow the user to choose performance settings, decide whether to display a price for each domain, and if yes currency may be specified - and set the order that domains appear in the search results page. And much more! A series of intelligent input intepreters and character filters ensures typing errors and illegal characters are dealt with accordingly. MultiDom can be easily tailored by anyone with basic HTML skills in order to stay in keeping with an existing website design. Professional installation is an optional extra. To learn more, please visit the website at http://www.hibyte.co.uk/pages/sw1.html. This internet software is listed under utilities , whois , domain search , perl scripts.

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