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Dictation Buddy is a...

Dictation Buddy

Dictation Buddy is a Windows based program that records your voice from a microphone or telephone connection and saves the recording as a compressed sound file that you can play, edit, send, or publish. Dictation Buddy can be used to transcribe a recording or to record phone conversations from a single phone or in call-center environments The main features of Dictation Buddy include: - Automatic sound activation features mean that recording starts when audio sounds are detected - Automatic "save" facilities mean that sound files are automatically saved when a conversation ends. The files are saved in a user specified directory with a file naming format determined by the user. - Imbedded text and bookmark facility. - Recording and playback of compressed sound files using fast and efficient Windows codecs. - Ability to edit your recording - OLE support that allows you to imbed your recording in other files such as Microsoft Word documents. - Direct sending of your recording via email. - Easy to use audio wizard to help you select the best recording parameters. The program is an ideal choice for: - Dictating. - Recording phone conversations - Adding voice comments to a document, publishing speeches and other sound data to a Web site. - Sending voice messages through E-mail. - Re-recording from a portable dictaphone or cassette recorder. - Transcription. This audio software is listed under audio recorders, call center recording, phone recording, dictation, transcribing.

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Transcription softwa...

Transcription Buddy

Transcription software for your PC. Optional foot pedal to control playback. Acts as a wav player/ mp3 player. Supports both Olympus foot pedal and VEC Infinity foot pedal to control playback. Transcription Buddy is a shareware categorized under transcription software, pc based transcription tools.

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File Alter Monitor w...

File Alert Monitor

File Alter Monitor will monitor specified folders on a local or networked PC and will display a pop-up Window or optionally play an audio alert, whenever a new file is created or copied into the specified folders. File Alert Monitor is a freeware application, made available by High Criteria. It can be especially useful for transcriptionists, who need to be alerted about the creation of new audio dictation files onto any PC. This utilities software is listed under file management, file controls, alerts,.

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Total Recorder is an...

Total Recorder Professional Edition

Total Recorder is an easy-to-use and powerful audio recording software with wide editing and sound processing capabilities. The program lets you record audio from cassette tapes, LPs, DVDs, CDs or through a microphone connected to your PC. It can also directly record sound played by other programs (e.g. RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Skype), including live Internet broadcasts and Internet-telephony conversations. This feature is unique to Total Recorder and is not available in the vast majority of other sound recording programs. The optional Video Add-on lets you capture video from a PC screen, record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as DV camera, web camera, TV-tuner or DVD player, and capture Internet video streams in WMV format. You can also enhance Total Recorder functionality with some additional add-ons that can be used for sound enhancements, mixing operations, integration with iTunes/iPod and for other purposes. Version 7.1 Professional Edition contains new features including: ? Windows Vista 64-bit is fully supported with the introduction of the 64-bit version of Total Recorder's kernel mode driver. ? Favorites are now supported by Total Recorder. Favorites, similar to the favorites you use in a browser, provide a faster and more convenient way to open a file, playlist or URL. You can organize your Favorites list, use predefined sample links, and export and import Favorites. ? Adjustable playback speeds. This feature lets you play an audio file or a video file at a slower or faster speed than normal while optionally preserving the original tone. ? Support for tags is extended: Total Recorder can read ID3v2 tags for all versions (version 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4) and ability to add an artwork to the tag within the file is available now. ? The process and the ability to capture a URL for background recording have been enhanced. Now you can easily obtain the exact URL of the stream using Total Recorder. ? Other minor enhancements. This is a shareware listed under audio editors,wav recorders,pc based recorders,mp3 recorders,audio tools,audio convertors,audio editors and recorders,tag editors category.

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Total Recorder recor...

Total Recorder Standard Edition

Total Recorder records streaming audio from Real Player or Windows Media Player, mic input, line-in input, DVDs, CDs, and other sound card sources. The resulting sound files can be stored on your hard drive in WAVE format (plain or compressed), WMA or MP3 format and, if needed, is ready to be put on CD-R. The main features of Total Recorder include: 1) Record sound being played by other computer programs (e.g. RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp) including live Internet broadcasts. This feature is unique to Total Recorder and is not available in the vast majority of other sound recording programs; 2) Convert different sound formats to WAVE format (plain or compressed) or MP3 format, providing you have a player capable of playing a particular format; 3) Record Internet Telephony conversations - even full duplex; 4) Record from any sound card input line. For example, you can record from CD or you can hook up a cassette player and record from it; 5) "Pre-Record" facility; 6) A built-in scheduler lets you schedule future recordings and playbacks. Or you can use Total Recorder?s command line options with an external scheduler such as Microsoft Task Scheduler. Potential usage: 1) Convert your old sound files (e.g. AU files) to WAVE format and then compress them to a modern format, such as MP3 or RA. Or you can record them to your CD-R; 2) Record sound from your favorite game program; 3) Schedule the recording of a live Internet show and replay it later at a convenient time, similar to programming your VCR; 4) Make an audio book using a text-to-speech program. How it Works Total Recorder uses a virtual sound driver to capture the sound output from another program. By installing this driver, and setting this device as the default, different sound reproducing programs send their output stream to Total Recorder's driver and not to the driver of a real device. Total Recorder then passes. audio editors, wav recorders, pc based recorders, mp3 recorders shareware listed in audio editors, wav recorders, pc based recorders, mp3 recorders section.

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Phone-In Buddy allow...

Phone-In Buddy

Phone-In Buddy allows users to call in dictation or any other type of report, using a standard telephone. The system can be used by law offices, doctor's offices, health clinics, police departments or for any application where audio reports are convenient. The system stores the audio recordings onto the hard-drive of a PC. Once captured, the recordings may be transcribed on the same PC or another PC. When a user calls into the system, they are prompted for an ID number and a numeric password. Both of these items are entered using the telephone keypad. The system then prompts the user to create a new recording or replay or update an existing recording. Phone-In Buddy eliminates problems associated with written reports, such as managing stacks of paperwork, and the reading of almost illegible hand-writing. It can also lead the way in a migration from the reliance on tape recording devices towards new digital audio technologies. Because Phone-In Buddy records to standard PC files, these files can be moved and managed, just as any other standard file is moved and managed. This is a shareware listed under dictation, transcription, telephone recording system category.

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