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Phone Tone Decoder

PhoneTone Decoder Control is not an end-user application program but a programming component for beginning to advanced developers. PhoneTone Decoder is ActiveX Control, so it works with most Windows software development environments. With development tools like Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic, Visual foxpro, Delphi, C++ Builder, Access ,Visual C++ and others that support ActiveX controls. Written in C++ using ATL Active Template Library, PhoneTone Decoder is lightweight with no dependencies and can be used on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Component Features Decode DTMF from wave file or wave stream or wave/in devices. Decode FSK Caller-ID from... Decode TTY/TDD Baudot code from... Detect the custom tone signal from... Convert wave-form to spectrum from... ... Demo samples for VB and Delphi are available. activex control shareware listed in activex control section.

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You may use mouse or...

Easy Joymouse

You may use mouse or a trace ball for a long time. Do you want to have some change? JoyMouse is the unique utility tool which turns your joystick into the mouse and keyboard. Just connect your game controller to your pc and run JoyMouse then you can use it like a mouse. Requirements: * Windows system(95/98/nt4/2k/xp) * 2MB Hard Disk Space * A Game controller Features: 1.To simulate mouse movement and action. 2.Enhanced mouse movement. 3.Support up to 16 game controller buttons. Multiple controller supported. 4.Full keyboard key simulation supported. 5.Support key combinations, Up to 5 key to 1 button. 6.Auto startup. Joymouse is a very easy tool . It has a user friendly interface. You can understand how to use it easily. Easy Joymouse is a utilities software.

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TAPIEx ActiveX Control

Telephony development component(ActiveX Control), extensition of Microsoft TAPI2.0,support multi-lines, multi-calls per line, help you build you IVR system in few minutes. It can release you from the drudgery of writing low-level code. It makes adding computer telephony to your applications easy! TAPIEx product line addresses the rapidly escalating need to incorporate computer telephony into new or existing applications. TAPIEx makes it very easy to add telephony functionality to preexisting applications or to build entirely new applications with telephony built-in from the start. For example you can easily add the ability to do screen pops utilizing Caller ID, dial from within a database application, add an interactive voice response (IVR) system to your database, call timers,call recorders,survey systems,call center apps,conferencing systems, create a market survey system, and much more. Component Features: TTS(Text to Speech), Speech Recognition, Custom phone signals detection, Conference, Transfer, Caller ID - Name, number ,Playback WAV over phone line ,Record WAV files from phone line ,Generate DTMF - Generate tones - 0-9, *, #, A-D Detect DTMF tones - remote party key presses ,Park, UnPark, Pickup, Answer, make, drop, hold, unhold ... phone call. This is a shareware listed under activex control category.

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