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InfoZoomer - Revolutionary approach to managing personal information.

If you constantly happen to deal with enormous amount of information spread all over your file system, then most surely you would want to view it all at a time, in other words you'd like to have an "overview". Traditional organizers with tree-type structure do not allow to do that.

With the help of InfoZoomer you may visualize your work with any amount of concomitant materials. Such an approach allows to simplify work with considerable block of data by offering you various degrees of "zooming" certain problems, thus making it a lot easier to manage the work process itself.

Besides, InfoZoomer delivers all functional options of a traditional organizer: address book, daily planner, reminders, notebook, photo album, collection of web links.

InfoZoomer provides you with an easy, comfortable and highly effective way:

  • to organize your work with various information, that needs to be grouped within your view.
  • to deal with great number of different notes.
  • to find quickly necessary contacts, phone numbers and addresses.
  • to collect and look through pictures and diagrams of various sizes.
  • to create layouts of photos and paintings.
  • to collect web-links.
  • to find important data regardless of their place of storage.
  • to make priorities, choose, single out, and pick the most important data.
  • to plan your work and that of your staff, and keep the plans under control till their realization.
  • to create flows of documents, presentations and speeches as well as any other types of structured materials.
  • to remember an important date or vital event. (the system will notify you in advance)
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