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ALink takes the hard w...


ALink takes the hard work out of setting up and maintaining your Reciprocal Links. Automatically sending requests for new links, checking for links that have been added, removing bad links and generating your Reciprocal Links Page automatically. ALink license is shareware and it is listed in html utilities software.

Keywords: alink reciprocal reciprocal links checker reciprocal link link checker reciprocal advertising reciprocal link software reciprocal linking reciprocal link generator reciprocal link creator reciprocal trade free link page link page link manager page generator backdrops Color Pi... Color Picker Color Picker is a windows color picker. Use it to check the color of any pixel on a windows screen. Copy that value to the clip board with a click of a button Get the hex, RGB or RGB hex values of any color on your screen. web development other shareware listed in web development other section.

Keywords: color picker color message attachments CSV 2 TA... CSV2TAB CSV 2 TAB is a csv file to TAB delimited file converter. Use it to convert your access comma separated files into database delimited files. Simply provide an input file, some field names and an output file name. CSV 2 TAB will then create a file containing TAB in the outfile from your csv data. This development tools software is listed under website management.

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DateTray is designed t...


DateTray is designed to show todays dateand calendar in your system tray. By clicking on the date in the system tray it will display a calendar on your screen and allow you to search forwards and backwards to display any date you require. This is a shareware listed under date utilities category.

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IP Wedding Diary is a ...

IP Wedding Diary

IP Wedding Diary is a personal wedding Diary for windows. Use it to record your thoughts, actions and events leading up to your big day. This home/hobby software is listed under wedding.

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Ameta combines META TA...


Ameta combines META TAG reading and writing functionality with powerful manipulation features. Adjust your Meta Tags quickly and easily, saving the results directly back to your HTML pages. Change the order, and many other attributes of your META TAGs and save them to different pages in your site, quickly and with little effort. Ameta really does make Meta Tags easy. Make sure your site appears under the right keywords in the search engines, Ameta makes light work of editing and maintaining your meta tags. Generate the correct meta tags with no guess work using this meta tag generator. AMeta license is shareware and it is listed in html utilities software.

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Coin Collection Wizard...

Coin Collection Wizard

Coin Collection Wizard is a personal coin collection database. Use it to record and track your coin collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare coins and collectable coins in the program and track the value, price and dates that apply to each coin. You can enter the country and category of your coins, so no matter if you collect American, Mexican, Euro, Australian or any other kind of coins, you can use Coin Collection Wizard to catalogue it. You can store an image of each coin and use it in your reports also! Use it to run your own online coin website or dealer. The easy to use templating system allows you to create custom lists and catalogues of your collection. hobbies shareware listed in hobbies section.

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