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Advanced Registry Optimzier

It is the easiest way to keep your PC running cleaner, faster and error free.Fix PC problems and prevent them from happening again. Comes with 1.System Files Backup and Restore - Backup and Restore your System Files. 2.Registry Cleaner and Optimizer - Clean up your Windows Registry Database 3.Registry Defragger and Optimizer - Optimizes and Defrags your Windows Registry. Advanced Registry Optimzier is licensed as shareware and placed in registry tools section.

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This unique client-server based software protection system allows for live license management and illegal software copies disabling. Using it with network applications ensures rock-solid protection at an affordable price. Download FREE trial now! LogicProtect is licensed as demo and placed in security, privacy other section.

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This internet utility is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server or a chain of proxy servers. With Proxifier you can work with any Internet clients from network that is separated from Internet by a firewall (only one open port is required). Besides, Proxifier will help secure your privacy, send and receive email through a proxy server or a chain of proxies.

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NetConceal Anonymizer

Hide IP address and country of origin from anyone and keep your online privacy using NetConceal Anonymizer. Use your favorite network applications - web browsers, instant messengers, file sharing and others, but stay anonymous and secure. Internet shareware NetConceal Anonymizer is listed in security, privacy other tools.

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JDSoft Bandwidth Manager

By monitoring your network traffic and limiting the bandwidth, the software increases the network efficiency immediately with a reduction in your overall bandwidth requirement while allowing business-critical network applications to run smoothly. Internet shareware JDSoft Bandwidth Manager is listed in network, internet network monitoring tools.

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ZoneVideo Conference System

ZoneVideo conference provides users with a multi-level, highly effective online multimedia communication platform that has powerful application functions. With this platform, users can exchange all types of information, e.g. audio, video, desktop. ZoneVideo Conference System is licensed as shareware and placed in communications web and video cams section.

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GEO Spider

Now you can trace your network activity on world map. GEO Spider helps you to trace, identify and monitor your network activity on world map. You can trace any website or IP address. Whois reports give to you more info about site, host, domain, ip address... GEO Spider is a shareware software filed under network, internet search and lookup tools utilities.

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Easy Network Service Monitor

Easy Service Monitor is a network fault management tool that continuously monitors network devices and services. If something went wrong, it will alert you by email/phone/pager BEFORE problems get seriously out of hand. A detailed log file will record every event of the monitored targets displayed in an easy to understand chart. You can configure the system so that when something goes wrong, a set of immediate actions will be triggered. Easy Network Service Monitor is licensed as shareware and placed in network management section.

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This internet software can be used in defense against spam and UCEs by anyone with a POP E-mail account. EClean helps you to avoid unsolicited E-mail messages by hiding your mailto: links through encoding, plus as a pre-mail client using powerful self-maintaining whitelists it authenticates and quarantines legitimate E-mail, giving you the option of deleting UCEs before they get in your in-box. Options include challenge response, scheduling... 21 day free trial!

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This office software produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts using characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages, custom units for all common file formats. Supported file formats: .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP. Supported volume units: words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, lines, pages, custom count units. This shareware is archived under accounting, word processing, word count category.

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