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Alpha Lines

Alpha Lines is a variation on the theme of the old, well known Lines. So if you are a fan of the usual Lines, you simply MUST HAVE Alpha Lines. Even if you are not a fan of Lines, you will enjoy Alpha Lines, because there is something special in it - we have used letters instead of balls and words instead of lines. The rules are simple. There is a field, consisting of squares and three words. Every turn four letters appear and these letters are in these words. You have to compose the words of these letters. You can do it as you wish: down, across or even diagonally. But there is only one limitation - the word is due to form a straight line. If you transfer a letter but no word appears, you will not get any points and the following four letters appear. If you compose a right word, it will disappear, and you will get the same number of points as the number of letters in the word. If you compose several words at a time, you will get the number of points equal to the sum of letters multiplied by the number of the words. Features: * Trains your attention and erudition * Practically infinite gameplay * Different themes(skin+sounds) * Your own themes, the format is open (zip pack) * Various thematic vocabularies * Load/Save * Top 10 * Good way for your child to learn new english words. Alpha Lines is a shareware categorized under games, entertainment puzzle, word games tools.

Keywords: straight line trains gameplay new english words balls practically variation on the theme squares four letters vocabularies diagonally something special palm m505 brushes

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