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The Inzomia Web Edit...

Inzomia Web trial

The Inzomia Web Edition Trial enables you to quickly test functionality such as seamless Pan & Zoom and Fullscreen view on your website images. The Inzomia development tools give you the opportunity to easily create faster, more attractive and interactive picture display on your website. As a result of the improved visual experience your visitors will stay longer and return more frequently to your website. The improved visibility, allowing your visitors to in detail examine product offerings, will further reduce purchase insecurities and minimize customer complaints. Inzomia Web trial license is demo and it is listed in web development, graphics software.

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With Inzomia Image E...

Image Encrypt

With Inzomia Image Encrypt protecting your photos is easy. Simply select the photos that you want to prevent others from viewing. Encrypted images can be viewed right away in the Inzomia image viewer.The free version support unlimited decryption and encryption of up to 200 images. The installation includes a free version of the Inzomia image viewer. Image Encrypt is a graphics software.

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The Inzomia Viewer i...

Inzomia viewer

The Inzomia Viewer is simple to use fast image viewer. It allows you to use the unique Inzomia features such as pan & zoom and fullscreen mode on your own images. Supports JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP and LWF images, without altering your registered filetypes. The Inzomia viewer uses the Inzomia ActiveX (included with the installation) to be able to display images with smooth realtime filtered zoom. The inzomia viewer does nothing more than displays images but does that faster than any other viewer. This verison has all the advantages of the earlier versions and o Stores the last used window size between runs o Go to next previous image with Alt + arrow keys o Better handling of broken images. Inzomia viewer license is freeware and it is listed in viewer software.

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Zoom Studio 2 is a s...

Zoom Studio

Zoom Studio 2 is a stand-alone windows application that includes a wide range of tools to quickly create dynamic and interactive image presentations on web sites. The extensive functionality of the program considers all aspects of publishing images on the web, no matter if you?re building a site from scratch or want to change the existing image architecture. The program allows you to easily build picture galleries based on templates, convert all images on a site to zoomable objects, make movie-like animations, create dynamic image links, wavelet compress your images and much more without any HTML coding. The registered version allows you to publish your work without additional licences. This internet software is listed under webdevelopment, graphics, mediamanagement.

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Inzomia Zoom Studio ...

Zoom Studio - Home Edition

Inzomia Zoom Studio 2 is an easy to use graphics software for the web, optimized for high resolution digital photographs. View and create web ready zoomable image galleries, animations and much more from any source of photos or images. View your photos or images with interactive filtered zoom locally or from the web pages you create with Zoom Studio 2. Create and generate html zoom galleries and slideshows from your photos with ease. Zoom Studio 2 Home Edition includes ten different types of image zoom galleries, each highly customizable through list selections. For more advanced users there is the possibility to add your own html or JavaScript code to any gallery. Zoom Studio 2 makes it easy to manage photos. It supports jpeg file information compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Add interesting captions and copyright notices to your photos and images, then create zoomable image galleries for the web displaying file information including caption. The folder image function lets you set thumb nail image folders for categories in your image catalog. The animation tool makes it easy to create smooth animations from single photos or images. Creating single image movies is both fun and gives impressive results. Published on the web, the animation will only be a few bytes larger than the original photo or image file. The conversion tool lets you add zoom capability to existing photos on html pages with the click of a button. Convert your site from using static images to using dynamic, interactive photos and images in a couple of seconds - without writing even a single line of html code. Publish your work and share your zoom galleries with friends & family - play around with your photos. Zoom Studio is a must have tool if you own a digital camera, scanner or any other imaging or image capture equipment. Relive your recent holiday or vacation by sharing with others over the net. Zoom Studio 2 is simple and fun to use, give it a try! This graphics software is listed under webdevelopment,graphics,mediamanagement,authoring.

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