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This program sits in t...

Save That Picture!

This program sits in the System Tray. Left clicking the icon selects the capturing tool (capturing size is adjustable). It has Right-click options menu. Options are: *Save the picture to the Desktop *Copy the picture to ClipBoard * Send the picture to the printer *Auto-Start the program when you start windows. This is a shareware listed under desktop,pictures,images category.

Keywords: desktop capture images copy print screen save picture select size admin wizard

This program password ...

Lock It!

This program password locks ANY program (*.exe)! Do you have a program you wish others (spouse,kids,employees,etc) didn't have access to? Then this is the program for you! Easy to use menu. ***Warning*** DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!! If you forget your password you will never be able to run the program!!! This is a Trial Version of the program, after 20 uses the program will need to be registered. Registration is only $5.00 which entitles you to free technical support, notification, and access to program updates. This utilities software is listed under privacy,misc.

Keywords: privacy lock password locks exe pc pocket

This program Permanent...


This program Permanently erases IE History, Temp Internet files, IE Cookies, Temp folders, recent documents, Run menu list, Windows Media player recent file list, Paint recent file list, Winzip recent file list, empties Recycle bin, Netscape URLs/Caches and Find menu list. This is a freeware listed under privacy,clean,delete,history category.

Keywords: privacy clean delete history premanently erases histories customizable user

Have you ever got your...

Save My Desktop!

Have you ever got your Shortcuts Icons on your Desktop just the way you want them when someone comes along and messes them all up? This program save your Desktop's Icons current position. When your icons get rearranged just run the program to restore the icons back to their original positions. The program does not restore Icons that have been deleted or moved to a different folder. Features: *Saves current icons' positions *Restores icons' back to original positions. This utilities software is listed under desktop,icons,shortcuts.

Keywords: desktop icons shortcuts save desktops current position tournament style

Have you ever been doi...

Hide Me!

Have you ever been doing something on the computer you shouldn't have when someone walks in on you? Do you wish you had a program that hides the applications from view? This program hides open windows with a copy of your Desktop or any other window you want! Features: *Hides current open windows/desktop with a fake desktop/window *The program can be password protected *The program can be auto-started *Activation/Deactivation keys can be changed *This program will also not show up in the "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" programs list. This miscellaneous software is listed under privacy,desktop.

Keywords: desktop boss privacy hide hides open copy fake window photo collections

If you ever played Wor...

Word Whomp Zapper

If you ever played Word Whomp at Pogo.com you're going like this program! This program 'Helps' you with words from the 6 letters that the game gives you. Just enter in the 6 letters and a list of correct words that Word Whomp accepts will be displayed. Features: *Has most if not all the words to Word Whomp *Lightning fast word results. Word Whomp Zapper is a shareware categorized under games cheats,utilities,cheats tools.

Keywords: pogo word whomp cheats played word whomp com youre going spam reporting

This program hide URLs...

Hide My Favorites

This program hide URLs (IE Favorites) that you don't want others (kids,spouse,boss,etc.) to see. It is also password protected. Works on Internet Explorer 5.0 and above(possibly on 4.0 also). Features: *Hide URLs from IE *The program is password protected *URLs are Encrypted *The URL can be rename, launch, and deleted from this program. internet explorer,addon,privacy shareware listed in internet explorer,addon,privacy section.

Keywords: internet explorer addon privacy ie favorites hide urls dont others see computer speed


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