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Black Hole Organizer

This office software is a web enabled free-form notes application that's been designed to make document management easier. Find notes quickly with Power Find! Create categories and sub-categories (folders) that are meaningful to you. Quickly insert stock text into any note using the template feature! Being web enabled means that any web url or email address is a live link as well. Includes a full featured spell checker and Thesaurus as well.

thesaurus folders address book

Link Warrior

This internet tool is a utility that crawls a list of URLs looking for a phrase you specify. With Link Warrior you can: Gather intelligence rapidly, Easily validate reciprocal links, Monitor your competitors, Auto generate reports in HTML, CSV and TXT formats, Save time. Internet shareware Link Warrior is listed in utilities, system, tools tools.

reciprocal links urls csv


Free Web Link Submitter is a freeware program to POST submit your data. The program includes simple database that allows you to submit your web site to the Internet's biggest search engines and directories and request domain whois information. This internet freeware FreeWebLinkSubmitter is categorized under security, utilities, internet.

interface free web link domain whois

1st Contact

A simple to use, yet powerful contact manager with auto-dial, email and web capabilities. Enter personal and business information for each contact, including up to 9 phone and fax numbers, 5 email addresses and 3 web URLs. 1st Contact is licensed as adware and filed in pims section.

phone number default mail program tool bar

History Collector Pro

This internet software is a Internet Explorer add-on. It memorizes the contents of pages that you visit. History Collector saves web pages locally on your computer; therefore you can always view the pages that had been visited several days ago - even if you are off-line.

history link import export history tab

URL Spider Pro

This internet software is designed for creating a Google/AltaVista style topic specific search engine for your Web site. You simply tell it what type of information it should index and it will go through the Web collecting only those documents. This demo is archived under search engine tools category.

google documents containing url spider

Web Link Monitor

Web Site, IP device monitoring system with scheduling, reporting, and database management. Schedule links or devices on desired frequency. Generate daily reports. Scan pages for text, missing text, ping sites, check for file availability. Web Link Monitor is licensed as shareware and filed in web monitoring section.

ip device monitoring system database management


Web Placement Verifier is a freeware program that allows check your site search engine placement for multiple keywords, to see if your site is in the first top pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword search. This internet freeware WebPlacementVerifier is categorized under security, utilities, internet.

search result site search engine search web

Aarons Auto-Browse

Enter the URL's you wish to browse and hit the start button, thats all there is to it. This program simulates network activity to keep your Internet connection alive. It keeps you online by periodically retrieving web pages automatically over your connection. If you need to get a coffee just set this going and forget about being disconnected. The program includes a browser window which will regularly display pages by itself. This internet freeware Aarons Auto-Browse is categorized under web utilities, stay alive tools.

web pages internet connection periodically


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