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WRen is a substitute f...


WRen is a substitute for the standard REN command. It uses simple pattern matching to provide greater control in renaming files. It will also check for existing files and new file conflicts before performing the rename. The rename can be undone. This is a freeware listed under file utilities category.

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Wipe is a secure file ...


Wipe is a secure file deletion program. It will overwrite a file before deleting it, ensuring that the data in the file cannot be recovered. The size, date and name of the file are also scrambled. The free space of a drive and the unused space after the end of files can also be wiped. A number of wiping methods are provided. Wipe license is freeware and it is listed in system utilities file, disk management software.

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Windows Filename Compl...


Windows Filename Completion (wfNameC) is a utility for keyboard users. It allows filenames to be completed by pressing a key. Three keys are available. Two will cycle through all names (one forwards, one backwards); the third will display a list. These keys can be used interchangeably (the list can be displayed during a cycle; the cycle will continue after a list selection). This is a freeware listed under keyboard utilities category.

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Telecurs (teleport cur...


Telecurs (teleport cursor) is a Windows utility to automatically move the mouse cursor to a tab or button in a standard dialog box. After the dialog closes, the cursor can be moved back to its original position. system utilities automation tools freeware listed in system utilities automation tools section.

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Minesweeper for DOS. T...

Mine Mayhem

Minesweeper for DOS. Three styles of minefields. Cross the minefield in addition to clearing it. Automatically open and/or mark squares. Records the five fastest and slowest times, number of games completed and average time. Custom games are remembered. Random games. Wrap-around option. Optional sound effects. Freeware, source included. board game, logic game freeware listed in board game, logic game section.

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Sets the system time/d...


Sets the system time/date from the real-time clock. Change system time without changing RTC (and vice versa). Correct for RTC inaccuracies. Display the time in any format. Calculate dates and durations. Includes German version. Freeware, with source. TAD license is freeware and it is listed in desktop clocks, alarms software.

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A TSR (terminate &...


A TSR (terminate & stay resident) utility that supplies full editing features to the DOS interface; stacks commands and drive/directory pairs for recall; supports definable symbols and variables, and programmable function-key definitions and macros; provides optional autocompletion of commands and (long) filenames; executable extensions and directories; and enables changing drives and directories simultaneously; brace expansion; and multiple commands on the one line. It can also display a color prompt. This is a freeware listed under keyboard, command line category.

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