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Stealth Folder comes...

Stealth Folder Hider

Stealth Folder comes with a Folder Hider, Clear Tracks utility and File Eradicator.With Stealth Folder, folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run.Stealth Folder Hider can be run in Normal Mode or in Stealth Mode.In stealth mode, Stealth Folder Hider will not show in Taskbar, Add/Remove program, Task Manager, Control-Alt-Delete or Windows Start. Other PC users will not know you have Stealth Folder Hider installed on your PC. Stealth Folder is Password Protected and you may hide as many folders as you wish. Stealth Folder Hider is a shareware categorized under security tools tools.

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Win-Spy is an invisi...

Win Spy Software

Win-Spy is an invisible key recorder and screen-capture utility that secretly captures anything the user sees or types on the keyboard. Win-Spy operates in stealth mode. Users will not be aware of its existence. A special hot key and login is necessary to invoke the program. Users are unable to terminate or uninstall the program. Win-Spy comes with a screen-capture utility with idle detect, a key recorder, an auto e-mailer, a keyword alerter by e-mail, a folder hider, monitoring across networks, a clear tracks utility (Windows/Internet), an archive utility, a Remote installer, Remote PC Monitor, PC tracking, a Webcam via Internet, secure file deletion, and seek and eliminate anti-spyware. Win-Spy features Remote Install, Remote Screen Capture, Remote Keylogger, Remote PC Browser, Time on Net Report, Web sites Visited Reports, and Immune to Anti-Spyware. Version 7.8 features Alert when Remote user is Online - similar to msn messnger. Streaming Remote Web Cam. pc access control, security shareware listed in pc access control, security section.

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