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Recover the backup even if a failure occurs.

Backup Forever is developed or distributed by Joćo Paulo Schwarz Schuler and is licensed as shareware. Recover the backup even if a failure destroys some file regions. Backup Forever program makes backup copies and restores them safely at the cost of speed and disk space. When this program makes a backup, it records as much extra information as possible to recover all information recorded on the backup even if a failure destroys some file regions. There are two versions: graphic and command line. FAQ: Can I backup my entire Hard Disk including the system operational using Backup Forever? Yes. However, Backup Forever is not intended to backup your entire HD and system operational. There are errors that Backup Forever will not recover by itself. Backup Forever will recover some kinds of system crashes. A system registry crash will not be recovered by Backup Forever. In some cases, a corrupted DLL can be recovered by Backup Forever. If you want protect your registry,do this: (1) launch the Registry Editor and export the registry information; (2) make your backup and don't forget to backup your exported registry. What kind of files should I backup with Backup Forever? The MOST important. Why should I backup my MOST important files with Backup Forever? Just because Backup Forever uses a extensive redundant information system which permits you to recover your information even when a failure destroys some information blocks. You should use Backup Forever if you want to make your information recoverable for years. Why doesn't Backup Forever have a multi-volume system? We found that a multi-volume system reduces the security level. What is ...

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