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Brain Freeze - The M...

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown? Now that's an odd name for a game, right? On the contrary! Brain Freeze is an extraordinarily fun game that exercises your logic and memory. So, if you have a momentary lapse of brain function and lose the game, you can say, "Oh... I just had a Brain Freeze!" The saying, "Use it or lose it" doesn't just apply to your physical strength. It applies to your mental strength at too! Brain Freeze is a fun way to get your daily mental workout! The object of the game is to match the pictures hidden behind the game pieces on the game board. You can only display two pictures at a time. If they do not match the pictures will be hidden again. But there is a twist -- avoid a Brain Freezer ! Sprinkled throughout the game board are several game pieces that are hiding Brain Freezer. Don't Despair! In the center of six adjoining game pieces is a clue. This clue represents the number of Brain Freezers in the group of six game pieces. Don't click on a Brain Freezer or you will lose the game! But with a bit of deductive reasoning, you can figure out which game pieces are Brain Freezers! Then, simply match all the pictures hidden behind the game pieces without clicking on a Brain Freezer and you win the game! games, entertainment puzzle, word games shareware listed in games, entertainment puzzle, word games section.

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eClean 2000 ver 3.0....

eClean 2000

eClean 2000 ver 3.0.0 (formerly E-Clean) is a text editor you can use in place of Notepad. But eClean 2000 has one feature other text editors don't: it removes formatting marks from email messages leaving only legible text remaining. It automatically removes forwarding/reply marks and unwanted line breaks in sentences and paragraphs. In addition this special feature eClean 2000 also supports all the basic text-editing functions, such as Open, Save, Undo, Search/Replace, and Print. Changes: In 3.0 eClean is now integrated with Microsoft Outlook In 2.1 eClean now operates as a system tray. This means that eClean's functionality is available automatically after your PC reboots. eClean's icon (an envelope) can be found in your system tray (lower right portion of the screen by the clock). Using the right mouse button, click on eClean's system tray icon to show a menu of commands that are available from the tray menu. Most notably, you can now clean the contents of the clipboard by simply copying some text into the clipboard and selecting "Clean Clipboard Contents..." from the tray menu. This will clean the text found in the clipboard without requiring you to open eClean, paste the text and recopy the text back into the clipboard. This is a real time saver!!!. Author's Email Address: To install: UnZIP ECLEAN30.ZIP and run setup.exe Documentation: EClean.hlp, Sample.txt This upload replaces version 2.1.0 ( This is a shareware listed under e-mail, word processor category.

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