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KwikTrig solves for RIGHT and OBLIQUE triangles, BOLT CIRCLES, calculates SINES and COMPOUND SINES. Use decimal degrees, or degrees/minutes/seconds for input/output on all calculations on the above and rounds numbers from 1 to 15 decimal places. Also, has calculations for inscribed/circumscribed POLYGONS. GEOMETRY allows user to plot circles, points and lines, finds the INTERSECTIONS of those lines, CONNECTS lines to circles at their TANGENT POINTS and places CIRCLES TANGENT to ANGLES. SPEEDS AND FEEDS for MILLING calculates and remembers data input by the user eliminating the need to look up the data each time it's needed. ALL modules allow data input in either INCH or METRIC units, and conversion from one to the other. 15 decimal places are used in all calculations to eliminate rounding errors. Even with no math skills, and little to no computer skills YOU can do it! KwikTrig is a shareware categorized under business, hobby, cad tools.

Keywords: milling decimal degrees input output angles polygons bolt conversion geometry sines metric units tangent points computer skills decimal places intersections data input oblique triangles math skills circles support mail graphics application

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