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Sportscard Organizer

Designed for the beginner as well as advanced collector, this card collecting software will allow you to organize your collection of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, golf, and non sports cards. It's even flexible enough to organize your sports memorabilia collection. Manage your complete collection in one software and keep track of the price of your sports cards over time. Features include: Allows you to keep track of star cards as well as commons. Keeps a record of a card's price over time. Print several types of reports for your collection. Export reports in html format to place on your web site. Find what cards you are missing to complete a set. Flexibility to track non-sports cards and other collectibles. You choose what price guide to use to keep track of the value of your cards. No need to purchase price updates since you enter the price updates yourself. This demo requires Microsoft Access 97 or higher. If you do not have Microsoft Access, please visit for a version that includes the runtime version of Access. Open demoreadme.txt for installation instructions. This home/hobby software is listed under collecting.

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