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You are a web page developer and have a large web site with hundreds of pages? How long did it take you to update a small piece of code on every page of your site? What will happen if an URL to a banner ad that you have on every page changes? What if you have to change the year in your copyright sign that you have at the bottom of your website? What if you need to do any other minor changes to your code? You'll spend hours changing every page of your site! With this small and handy tool you'll save days of your expensive time! What web site authors want is software that makes life easier and gives them more time to work on their site. MultiUpdate is just that, a neat little user-friendly program that helps you to automate the process of updating your web site. It scans a directory for HTML files and then searches every file in it. While scanning a file it selects all instances of a certain string from it. Then you can choose the way you need to update it. You can tell the program to delete, replace, or insert some text before or after the found string instance. You can use case-insensitive search and also backup your files automatically. It can now also search subdirectories and restore the modified files or place them into another folder instead of replacing the original files. Also preview your updates using the embedded browser window and accept/restore changes. Now supports multiple projects. Finally you end up with a fully updated bundle of HTML files that would take you hours to update manually. Please visit: http://www.ksware.com/mu.shtml for more info. MultiUpdate is a shareware categorized under programming html authoring,web authoring web utilities,web authoring site builders,web authoring html utilities tools.

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