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HTMLPad 2000 is one ...

HTMLPad 2000 MaX

HTMLPad 2000 is one of the leading HTML code editors with powerful features designed to automate and speed up the development of web-based documents. With its special feature set and support for JavaScript, VBScript, SSI, ASP and Perl, HTMLPad is a universal web document editor. Features: Tools - Powerful code generation features support almost all common HTML tags - Fast document preview in the same window - Document preview in any installed browser - Document edit in user-specified external applications - Built-in File Explorer (MaX version only) Editor - HTML, Perl, JavaScript and VBScript code highlighting - Simple HTML syntax checking - Multiple levels of Undo/Redo - Full text search and replace features Coding - Hexadecimal color picker - Code snippet management and fast access - HTML tag explorer (MaX version only) Scripting - JavaScript and VBScript code support - SSI and ASP code support - JavaScript object tree (MaX version only) Network tools - Upload to FTP feature - URL download feature Interface - Multi Document Interface - Dragable & dockable Office 2000 style toolbars - Environment layout management - Windows 2000 supported semi-transparent dialogs Printing - Advanced print options (such as line numbers, highlighting etc.) - Print preview Reference - Full documentation - Tag-sensitive HTML reference - CSS reference. web authoring, html editors, text editors shareware listed in web authoring, html editors, text editors section.

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Program Protector is...

Program Protector

Program Protector is state of art security utility, which allows you to password protect any Windows application. This functionality is achieved by modifying executable file of the application, so that it requires to enter valid password before program can start. Program Protector is unique, because unlike other protection software, it does not run any protection programs in background to provide functionality. Key features: * Protects Windows applicaions with a password * Maintains protected application list * Full Drag and Drop support * Indegrated with help system and usage tips * Allows to password protect itself * Allows to customize password prompts * Provides 100% protection, can't be bypassed. This is a shareware listed under security, privacy, password protection, protection category.

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HTMLPad 2002 is a ne...

HTMLPad 2002 Pro

HTMLPad 2002 is a new solution to web page coding. It is compact, fast, easy to use and extremely powerful web document editor. Not only HTMLPad 2002 allows you to take full control over your HTML code, but it also dramatically speeds up the coding process, saving your precious time. Its user-friendly interface makes it useful both for beginners and experts. Program has special features for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, SSI, ASP and Perl. To top it all off, it is one of the best priced HTML editors available, not to mention one of the most fully-featured for the price you pay! Features include Syntax Highlighting for many document types, Code Generators, Auto Complete, FTP client, Spell Check, HTML Validator, Extended Clipboard and more. Program comes with premium tech support. This development tools software is listed under web authoring, html editors, text editors.

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TweakSEC is powerful...


TweakSEC is powerful Windows 95/98/Me and Windows 2000 security configuration and administration tool. TweakSEC can protect your system from incautious and malicious users as well as from anybody who could accidentally make harmful or irritating system configuration changes. TweakSEC can also protect your system from intruders by setting various network security options which are not enabled by Windows defaults. To top it all off TweakSEC can be used to prevent anyone from changing such things as Desktop Wallpaper, Screensaver and Windows Colors. TweakSEC features: Protection for Control Panel and System configuration. Protection for Network configuration. Protection for Internet Options. Protection for Windows Shell (Explorer, Start Menu, Desktop). Advanced Windows Logon and Password settings. Important Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 security configuration options. You can password protect TweakSEC itself. TweakSEC is a shareware categorized under security, desktop protection tools.

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With SCR Builder you...

SCR Builder 2

With SCR Builder you can create your own screen savers using your own pictures and music. SCR Builder is very easy to use and it generates only single file or exe setup which provide automatic installation and easy distribution. Key features are: Creates compact SCR files, Creates EXE screen saver setups, includes over 100 transition effects, has sound file playlists, Various background options - solid, gradient or textured, Allows to use WAV, MID and MP3 files with your screen savers, Adds customizable config and about dialog boxes for created screen savers, Very easy to use. SCR Builder 2 is a shareware categorized under screensaver tools, screensaver editors, screen savers tools.

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Easy GIF Animator is...

Easy GIF Animator

Easy GIF Animator is powerful yet easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images. With its special features you can add stunning visual effects to your animations, prepare them for your web page and do much more. Easy GIF Animator can handle any type of GIF animation; it provides high compression and great quality for your animated GIFs. With Easy GIF Animator You Can: * Create animated GIF images * Edit animated GIF images * Add visual effects to your GIF animation * Add text effects to your GIF animation * Optimize animated GIF images so they take less space and load faster * Preview GIF animation in web browser * Set transparent color for each frame * Set animation's duration * Set animation's loop count * Set position for each image * Extract separate animation frames * Convert GIF animation to grayscale * Edit animated GIF palette * Reverse GIF animation or a portion of it * Export GIF animation to AVI format * Use GIF, JPG and BMP images in your animation. Easy GIF Animator license is shareware and it is listed in animation, web graphics, image editing software.

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