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Freeware. Uconeer ha...


Freeware. Uconeer has 394 units in 46 categories. Covers all the basic categories but adds engineering specific categories like enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient, moment of inertia, stress, surface tension, thermal conductivity, torque and viscosity. Converts feet, inches and fractions to and from decimal lengths. Converts between dynamic and kinematic viscosity. Converts between volumetric and mass flowrate for gases and liquids. Steel hardness equivalents. Universal Gas Constant in 900 sets of units. Interface is kept simple by exclusion of all archaic and esoteric units. Powerful formatting and clipboard features. Uconeer license is freeware and it is listed in unit converters, engineering, scientific software.

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Calculate the steam ...


Calculate the steam consumption for a turbine of known power and efficiency. Required data are inlet steam pressure and temperature, and exhaust pressure. Program will determine steam consumption and exhaust steam conditions. Built-in steam properties. Wide variety of units of measure included. engineering, scientific freeware listed in engineering, scientific section.

Keywords: turbine steam power enthalpy efficiency steam consumption calculate consumption exhaust conditions printing files

LollyDex is a docume...

LollyDex Correspondence Index

LollyDex is a document management tool optimized for correspondence control. It is designed for the small and medium sized businesses that require the main benefits of a document management system, without having to incur the upfront and ongoing costs that those systems entail. LollyDex is simple enough to be used by a one-person business to track correspondence, but powerful enough to index the correspondence and other documents of a medium sized business using a LAN system. LollyDex will allow you to make the transition to a "paperless" office in a gradual process. It is equally useful for paper or electronic documents, and it adapts to YOUR systems and procedures. You can continue generating, storing and filing your correspondence just the way you have been, while LollyDex adds the control, organization and efficiency that you require. The principal benefits of using LollyDex are :- Fast and easy-to use data entry routines specifically geared towards correspondence control. Powerful search capabilities. Search on any combination of author, recipient, date range, document number, document type, file reference, routing and subject. Printed reports of search results. Track outstanding replies to issued documents. Browse forwards or backwards through threads of replies. View any electronic or scanned document using your default applications and viewers. Powerful routines to automatically generate document numbers (optional use). Password and authority level features (optional use). Divide your documents in separate Cabinets, each with its own security options. Share data across network (with multi user version). Basic address book features built in. This is a shareware listed under document management, project management, database applications, administration category.

Keywords: document correspondence edm archive filing storage retrieval track paper electronic hp plotter

PackCol performs hyd...

Packed Column Calculator

PackCol performs hydraulic designs for new packed columns or rating calculations for existing columns and towers. The design basis can be approach to flood, maximum capacity or pressure drop. Includes a database of packing types, but custom data can be used. The Eckert and Robbins correlations are included to cover the full flowrate range. Results can be printed in tabular form, and plotted as a Generalised Pressure Drop Correlation diagram or as an Operating Diagram. Uses Imperial or Metric units. Detailed manual and tutorial included in Acrobat format. business math, scientific tools shareware listed in business math, scientific tools section.

Keywords: packed column packed tower distillation absorption scrubber eckert pressure drop engineering simple games

Convert density of e...


Convert density of ethanol-water mixtures in a wide variety of units to and from concentration expressed in Mass, Volume or Molar terms. Data covers concentrations from 0% to 100% and temperatures from 10 C to 100 C (50 F to 212 F ). Calculate the strength and quantity of a blend of two known sources, or calculate the quantity of each source to achieve a blend of targeted strength and quantity. Quantities can be expressed in Mass or Volume terms. Blending calculations can be sent as a report to a printer. engineering, chemistry shareware listed in engineering, chemistry section.

Keywords: ethanol alcohol water density concentration blending ethanol-water conversions calculations killer stopper

Project Risk Analysi...

Project Risk Analysis

Project Risk Analysis is for Cost Engineering and Project Management pros who must develop cost estimates of known accuracy and risk on capital investment projects. Uses Monte Carlo Simulation to find the contingency needed to achieve any desired level of confidence. All statistical models are already set up. Output in graphical and tabular form. Spreadsheets can be imported as ASCII text. This is a shareware listed under project management, risk analysis, economic analysis category.

Keywords: risk analysis project management economics contingency monte carlo determine project risk required ip range

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