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Power Pong X-gameplay first.

Power Pong X is developed or distributed by Kemlor Enterprises and is licensed as shareware. Power Pong X won't waste your time with poor gameplay and boring crap. Power Pong X. It started as a cheap 4-color pong clone with one mode, and your paddles acted funny when you pressed the directions. Now, there are 43 modes, a one player game, practice modes, secrets, cheats and a hidden mode. With Hi-q 3D rendered graphics to round it out, power pong is a game that I hope you'll find worth the download. The fast paced action varies from extremely easy, such as the oversized DK mode, to the extremely difficult "psychotic multiball mode", in which hundreds of balls occupy the screen at once. There's something for everonye. The controlls are easy to learn, with only 3 keys per player. Don't let that make you think there isn't much variety, what with the simplicity and all. With so many different ways to play, PPX won't get stale. I won't bother you with my rantings much longer, but let me say that PPX is worth a download not only because it's a good game, but because it's not a big-budget, $60, ripoff of a hardrive gobbling monster that some media giant decides to dupe gamers into buying. It's a game made by a real person, with real games in mind....

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