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Absentee Management System

Absentee Management System (AMS) is a powerful and affordable software application that manages the recording, controlling and monitoring of employee absences. Whether yours is a small business or a multi-national corporation, AMS is flexible enough to adjust to your needs. AMS provides assistance to HR depts and managers in keeping track and analysing the attendance of staff members. - Optimise your time management Keep a detailed record of employees? leave and days off. Plan and schedule your activities based on the information provided by AMS. Analyse the main reasons for staff absenteeism using the reports generated by the system. Analyse the attendance by department to enhance your productivity. Use this information together with your performance reports and devise the strategy to boost your potential. - Maintain accurate records AMS maintains an accurate employee database containing relevant information such as personal details, employment information and relevant dates in their calendar. It also allows for the control of annual leave records. - Save time A powerful email notification feature automates the whole absentee management process. An employee makes an absence request within AMS, an email is sent to the relevant department head/supervisor, with a response email automatically sent back to the requestor. An import facility is available which allows you to import personnel data, which you may have stored on some other system. This saves the manual re- entering of this data. - Flexible Security The flexible security within AMS ensures users only have access to those areas which managers/supervisors wish. Security groups allow a Hierarchy to be set up usually in terms of Departments. An audit trail is also present, in order to monitor all user activity and keep an eye on all records. This business software is listed under management software.

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Absence Management System

Does your organization manage time efficiently? Do you know who is absent today? How long does it take you to calculate leave entitlements for your employees? Use AMS and you will find the answer to all of these questions and a lot more. Large or Small, your organization can benefit immediately from deploying AMS. For those organizations that must adhere to the European Working Time Directive this is now an essential product. AMS is a specialist software application that provides timely management information on the effects of absenteeism in the workplace. Features include highly configurable timesheet and expense reporting, payroll integration, vacation planning, absence recording, user profiling, and end-user report customization. Web-based or windows deployment options are available. A trial version is freely available for download now from The ease with which AMS can be integrated with payroll and other information systems allows you to build solidly on your existing investment in information technology without having to miss out on the advanced feature set offered by AMS. For the HR department, AMS is a productivity tool that delivers real-time analysis information. For IT administrators, AMS offers a proven technical solution for the perennial information management problem of time and attendance. Deploy and forget is an often touted, but seldom achieved software ideal - AMS is finally a software application that delivers. For employees AMS offers an efficient way of digitally submitting time sheets of hours works, overtime calculation and expense claim forms, vacation request and approval tracking, with full support for flexi-time and service day accruals. Full Information covering the HR productivity tools published by Keogh Software is available on the AMS product website business accounting, finance demo listed in business accounting, finance section.

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